Thank you!

I appreciate you still coming to visit this space of mine on the web! So many of my posts continue to receive traffic, so I’ve kept Suburban Style Challenge up so people can still check out my style, DIYs, and other posts.

I have relocated (a couple times since my last post in 2016) and am no longer residing in the Chicago suburbs, or even Illinois. Because of where life is right now, I am not currently blogging much at all, and don’t typically write about style.

Because of this, I am not currently looking for any sponsorship opportunities, guest bloggers, or anything of the sort here at SSC. At some point this year, the SSC domain will expire and the site will be shut down permanently.

Until then, I appreciate you stopping by, and for all the support over the years. It’s been a fun ride!

Thanks again for visiting!
— Rach