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Review + Gift Idea: Carrier Stick

Carrier Stick

As you know, I’ve blogged about essential oils and essential oil blends before, and I have a bunch of oils that I use for various things (typically involving relaxation). I have a liquid carrier oil that I use for diluting…

Be the Life of the Party with Ami Clubwear

Ami Clubwear: Evening Party

I first heard of Ami Clubwear years ago, when I was modeling. Another model I knew listed it as a resource for clothes and shoes that were on-trend and low-priced, and years later, Ami Clubwear remains just that kind of…

JORD Wood Watches: Naturally Beautiful

JORD Wood Watches

I’m sure you’ve heard of JORD Wood Watches. I certainly had before they reached out to me and offered one of their unique watches to me for review. What I didn’t know was just how many different varieties they had,…