About Suburban Style Challenge

Suburban Style Challenge started in August 2011, and has come a long way since then! And yet, I’ve never really shared the “whys” of SSC. So here are some commonly asked questions about the blog.

What inspired me to start Suburban Style Challenge?

While I’ve always loved getting a good bargain, and have enjoyed expressing my style in my own creative way for some time, I really got into style because I was modeling. For almost every shoot I did I was going through my closet and attempting to create or duplicate looks using items I already had. If I couldn’t do that, I then had to find items that would work for the look I had in mind online, in stores, or at thrift stores. I even did the occasional DIY thing. Every time I created a successful look, I loved styling my shoots more.

As a model, I didn’t make much money at all… in fact, I modeled at a pretty decent loss once you factored in the cost of wardrobe for shoots and getting to and from shoots.  I wasn’t making much money at my day job either, so the cheaper I could create a look, the better. In order to make my dollar stretch to its fullest, most of the items I bought for shoots also became part of my everyday wardrobe. While friends and family had long complemented my style and my nose for a good deal, that increased as my shoot wardrobe and my everyday wardrobe blended, and I got asked “where’d you get that?” or “how do you put these looks together?” even more. My desire to share that kind of information (along with a little bit of peer pressure, to be honest) is the reason I started Suburban Style Challenge.

Why Suburban Style Challenge?

I’d been blogging in one form or another for years, and following blogs for longer.  I noticed that most of the local style blogs were written by girls who lived or worked in the city, making their blogs very city-focused. At the same time, most of the suburban-based blogs were very mom-oriented. SSC was born, filling a void in the bloggy world (or at least I like to think that’s the case).

Fashion blog… style blog… something else?  What is SSC?

A few of my friends refer to Suburban Style Challenge as a “fashion blog”. I, however, call SSC a “style blog”, because I don’t often talk about fashion in the true sense, and I never really will. I’m not a huge designer freak, don’t own very many high-fashion pieces, don’t watch fashion shows (like NYFW) religiously, and am the first to admit that as much as I am willing to follow some trends, I certainly don’t set them. So SSC, in my book, is a style blog about finding one’s personal style and evolving it as life changes.

Who takes my photos?

Unless otherwise noted on an outfit post, review, or look book, I take all of my own photos. Typically, I use a tripod, a Fujifilm Finepix S8200, and the timer on the camera, with burst mode set. Occasionally I use our DSLR, and back when I started the blog up until the beginning of 2014 I used a Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot.

Want to find out more about me? Check out my “About Rach” page.

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