Budget Fashion Fix: Intyce vs. Tamara01

Available in 4 great colors, with a low 1″ wedge, buckle detail and pull-on style, the Steve Madden Intyce boot is perfect for fall.  A little dressier than the standard riding boot too, which means they’re a little more versatile.  Here they are in Cognac, a color I’m totally digging right now:

The Intyce is perfect, that is, unless you’re not cool spending $149.95 on boots.  They are leather, but for many, it’s just not worth it.  So is this great style one that just has to be passed up this fall season?

Nope!  One of my favorite online shoe retailers has a great solution to this budget quandary: the Bamboo Tamara01!  It’s a nearly identical boot at first glance…

But if you look closer, you’ll notice a few key differences when it comes to style.  The first and most obvious difference (other than the fact that the Tamara01 isn’t leather) is that the Tamara01 boot isn’t a pull-on.  It has a full inside zipper, which means the ankle tapers in a little bit more.  The Tamara01 also seems to have a little less structure (possibly because of the material differences), which makes it appear a little slouchy instead of so rigid.  The wedge on the Tamara01 is supposedly 1.25″ as well, though that’s not really that big of a deal.  The shaft circumference of the Intyce is 16″, which is nice for women with bigger calves, as the Tamara01’s shaft circumference is 15″ (which is still a decent width).  The color might be a little different as well, with the Tamara01 in Chestnut being a bit lighter in color in the photo.  The Tamara01 is only available in black and chestnut though, so if you had your heart set on stone or wine, you’re SOL, unfortunately.

But the biggest, and perhaps best, difference is in the price.  You’ll save nearly $120 if you snag the Tamara01 while it’s still in stock!  The Tamara01 runs just $30.90 over at UrbanOg, which is a pretty good price, and it’s even better if you’re on their mailing list and snag a coupon (which they send out often).

Other Alternates
There’s also a very similar boot available that can be OTK or cuffed… the Iona11, which has a snazzy back zipper, and another version of the Tamara, available in chestnut, black, and taupe, with a few more buckles, the Tamara36.  If you like the pull-on style but aren’t interested in breaking the bank by getting the Steve Maddens, you can try Target’s Kailey boot or Bamboo’s Soprano01 (available in black too!).  And I’m almost positive there are going to be other variations of this style out soon, as it seems to be very popular for fall.  So keep an eye out while browsing, if it’s something you like!

I haven’t bought anything yet, because I can’t decide if I want the Tamara01 in cognac, or the Tamara36 in taupe… or if I want something completely impractical altogether, haha!

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