Dup-A-Look 3

I actually wore this on Thursday, December 20, 2011, but didn’t get a chance to post about it before then because for some reason, our card reader at home wasn’t reading the card from my camera.  Bummer.  Anyway, I’d found this great look on Lookbook and Pinned it hoping to duplicate it at some point.

I decided Thursday would be a good day for it, since our weather here was pretty nice considering.  I had to alter a maxi dress for it, but I was ok with that–I think I’ll get much more wear out of it with the slit cut than previously, because it was a bit of a challenge to walk in without the slit.  The alteration was pretty simple… all I did was put the dress on, mark how high I wanted the slit to go, and then cut a straight line up from the hem to my mark.

Anyway, here’s the look…

I layered a black tank under the dress (for a little warmth, and because I didn’t have a clean black T) and added my Old Navy grey high-low hem waffle knit sweater.  I added about 5 mixed metal bracelets to my left wrist and just wore my basic earrings (it’s hard to see here, but the original outfit had a long feather earring–I nixed it in my version, but because I couldn’t find my feather earrings at all!).  I did a fully closed bootie instead of open shoes so I could wear socks too, as it was a tad chilly out despite it being super mild for December in the Chicagoland area.  I also added black nylons, simply to lessen the contrast between the dress and my pasty-white legs (more for work’s sake than warmth really).  It looks like her skirt had 2 slits, whereas I only made one in my dress.  I forgot to include my bag in the pic, but I was carrying my grandma’s vintage brown leather satchel, which fit the dup-a-look as well.

Overall, this was a great outfit, and I wish I had more to do that day than just work in the morning and get my hair cut and colored in the afternoon.  I felt really good in this outfit, and it was rather comfortable!  I’m definitely looking forward to wearing it (or a variation) again!

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