Random Outfits: December

Here are a few random outfits from this month, including some of what I wore for the holiday celebrations in our families.  In the past, winter was my “fall into a rut” month where I’d just wear skinny jeans, Ugg-type boots, a white tee, a blazer, and a scarf of some sort.  Thankfully, I haven’t worn that outfit at all this winter!  Here’s some of what I have worn.

Mustard Skinnies
In an effort to wear my mustard jeans more, I decided to pair them with a plaid shirtdress that’s a little too short to wear as a dress and top it with an uneven hem sweater from Old Navy.  I added 3 necklaces for a little extra texture and color.  One is a thick gold chain I thrifted (originally for my pirate costume, yaaar!).  The other is a vintage Avon magnifying glass pendant from Goodwill.  And the third is a double-strand necklace from some department store at Woodfield mall a couple years ago.  While I initially really liked this outfit, I’m not sure I’d wear it again.  Looking at it now, a few weeks later, I’m not in love with the sweater over the shirt dress with the jeans and the boots.  Oh well, it was a good try.  A for effort, right?

Oh, Hanukkah! Oh, Hanukkah!
I wore this Sunday, December 11 to my family’s early Hanukkah celebration.  I’d gotten this cute little deep purple velvet dress (at Discover) to wear out to a holiday party, but with regular tights underneath, it kept riding up to the point where I wasn’t comfortable in it.  I ended up not wearing it out that night, but decided that with thicker leggings it would be ok (and it was).  So I put it over leggings and added my cream oversized sweater and black OTK boots.  I added my super-colorful Forever21 scarf, which beautifully pulled in the purple from the dress, the cognac leather of my bag, and the gold on my boots, and it was perfect.  I took the shots outside as I was getting ready to head out, so you get see me sporting my grandma’s old satchel as well.  I’m hoping I get a chance to wear this outfit again!  It was super comfortable but pretty at the same time.  I think this look would work equally well with my brown knee high boots.

Cranberry Skinnies
My first time wearing my newly dyed cranberry jeans, I decided to layer things up and wore a white T under my grey striped cardigan from the Gap Outlet.  On top of that I added a reversible faux fur/suede vest and a thrifted scarf that tied into the cranberry of my jeans nicely.  I wore my brown Qupid Puffin boots.  The review on the jeans?  Spectacular!  I’d for sure wear this outfit again, or even a variation of it with different colored jeans.  I think this look would actually work pretty well with my mustard skinnies too, so maybe I’ll have to give it a shot.

Pink Corduroy Jacket
On Friday, December 23 I wore a newly purchased pink corduroy jacket and I’m totally in love with the outfit.  I wore, for the first time, a tank I got at Walmart (of all places) a couple years ago and hadn’t quite figured out how to wear (it’s also unfortunately not work-friendly because of the words, which are happiness, inspire, hope, and passion).  I thought the words and the little pop of red was very “holiday” without being over the top.  Over the tank I wore a brown cardigan from Target and the pink jacket.  I added a black sequin scarf for a little sparkle and my combat boots (I was going to be walking around a lot).  I wore a pair of torn jeans–after all this was a day-off outfit.  I did a forest green smudgy liner with a nude shadow on my eyes which looked really nice with all of it, so that’s in the pic too.

Christmas Eve
I wore this great outfit to my husband’s family’s Christmas Eve dinner.  It started with a lighter weight dolman-sleeve sweater and a pair of dark greyish-blue skinnies.  I added that same great colorful scarf I wore on Hanukkah and piled on a bunch of bracelets and a vintage watch.  I wore my peacock ankle booties and pulled the jeans over them instead of tucking them in.  It was a great outfit that was perfect for the evening, and again, something I’d definitely wear again!

So That’s It!
Just some random outfits for you to see some of what I’ve been wearing the past month or so, and for the holidays.  Fortunately, our winter here in Chicagoland has been much more mild than normal, and nicer than anticipated.  It’s been great, but I’m definitely not looking forward to when our standard bitter cold hits… I think it’s going to feel worse than it normally does because of this mild weather we’ve had!

And on a semi-related note…
I didn’t think I’d ever hear myself say this, but I kind of miss our old apartment.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t miss the lack of space, but I do miss all the great places in the building to take self-portraits, even at night.  I feel like I’m running out of good places in the house, and am just taking the same pics over and over.  Ew.