More Thrift & Bargain Finds

So while I was in Peoria a couple weekends ago, my friend and I hit up Castaways Consignment in Washington and the Goodwill just down the road from there.  We both got some great stuff at both places.  Largely, I cleaned up at Castaways, finding a good amount of stuff on the sale rack, which was 50% off.  I didn’t pay more than $20 for a single item!  If you’re in the area, it’s definitely a place worth checking out!

At Castaways, there was this sweet little girl there (probably about 5 or 6) with her mom.  While her mom was browsing throughout the store, the girl would occasionally wander over to where my friend and I were, especially if we were in the fitting room.  Sometimes, she’d just quietly watch the two of us sharing our thoughts on what we were trying on.  Other times, she’d ask us questions.  She was really cute, and was just taking everything around her in while she quietly observed and asked the occasional question.  Little bargain fashionista in the making, no doubt!

I also hit up a couple of my regular haunts and found some other awesome stuff, in addition to a couple great deals I snagged while out holiday shopping!  So here are all of my thrift and super-bargain finds from the past couple weeks.

Michael by Michael Kors Blazer
I found this beautiful brown and cream herringbone blazer by Michael Kors at one of my local Goodwill stores.  There are a couple small stains I’m working on Oxy Cleaning out, but the first one I tried came out great, so there’s hope for the other 2.  There are also some snags on one of the sleeves (you can see them in the pic), but I’m hoping I can figure out a way to push those through.  I figured for $6.99, I just couldn’t pass up a Michael Kors blazer that fit beautifully!

Red Plaid Poncho
I’d been on the hunt for a poncho for quite some time.  I was going to DIY one, but really wanted fringe on the bottom without having to cut it myself, so I was pretty excited when I saw this on one of the racks at Castaways.  Red is a tricky color on me, but this works.

The best part about this was while I was trying it on to see how the color looked on me.  The little girl I mentioned above came into the fitting room area and asked if it was a blanket, haha!  I told her it was a poncho, and you can belt it around your waist so it looks less like a blankie, which I then showed her.  Later on, my friend and I decided that at some point, she’s going to pull the blanket off her bed, belt it, say that it’s a poncho, and insist that she can to wear it to school!

Black Leather Slide Belt
I grabbed this belt off the rack to demonstrate how belting the poncho changes it and immediately knew I was going to buy it.  It’s beautiful, soft leather and is really long with a slide buckle, which makes it pretty versatile.  It’s not too thick and not too thin either, which means it works with a lot of stuff.  Plus, I can reverse it and wear it suede side out too, which is awesome!

Ombre Sweater
When I found this at Castaways, I initially held it up for my friend to try on.  She didn’t like it, so I tried it on, ’cause why not?  I fell in love right away and it was the first thing I decided to buy of my armloads of clothes.  The colors look amazing with my skin tone, hair and eyes, and I don’t have anything like it.  This one was brand new with the tags still on it.

Blue Velvet Blazer
A Castaways clearance rack find that I overlooked on my first pass, but was very pleased to find on my second.   This is an Old Navy blazer that is nicely lined and fits me really well.  I think I actually like it better than the light blue blazer I got at the clothing swap last month!  It definitely suits this look (which I love) a lot better.  Another brand new, with tags piece.

Hot Pink Corduroy Jacket
Another Castaways clearance rack piece.  I hadn’t overlooked this initially, but the color, at first, was a turnoff–I thought maybe it was too bright.  But I looked at the jacket again on a second pass and decided I try it on.  I actually liked the way the color looked on me and really liked the military details.  This jacket’s not lined, which means it’ll be good for spring and fall, and even cooler nights during the summer.

Watercolor Flower Cardigan
This beautiful cardigan is yet another Castaways clearance rack find.  I snagged it on my last trip into the fitting rooms, figuring it wouldn’t look all that great on me, but it works even though it’s too big.  The flower design on this is beautiful and really steps this otherwise neutral cardigan up a notch.  It needs to be washed before I wear it, and I haven’t gotten to that yet, so sorry it’s all wrinkly here!

Black Patent Heels
Literally saw these at the last minute at Castaways.  I was going thru my stuff to decide what I really wanted and what I could do without and somehow I spotted them.  I let a couple others check out in front of me as I tried them on and walked around in them a bit.  They were surprisingly comfortable, and with the strap across the front, I wouldn’t walk out of them.  I certainly didn’t have anything like them, and for $12, I figured I could “splurge”.  So I did.

Carlos Santana Wedges
These were the one and only thing I got at Goodwill, and they are wonderful.  A neutral, closed toe wedge, that’s spiced up with some studs, embroidery, and a pretty curved heel?  Yes please!  And these beauts were only $9.99, which is a total steal for brand new Carlos Santana shoes!

Navy Midi Skirt
I ran into Old Navy to find some gifts last week and they had a rack of these lovely, flowy midi skirts right by the door.  They were marked down to $3.97!  I snagged a navy one for myself.  They have them on their website marked down to $30 still, so yea, pretty pleased with that deal!  Looking forward to pairing this with my grandma’s shell pink cashmere sweater!

Missoni for Target Top
I swung by the Lake Zurich Goodwill I used to frequent when I lived out there and snagged a Missoni for Target top!  It’s brand new, tags still on it, and Goodwill had it marked at just $3.99.  Certainly can’t beat that!

So those are my great thrift store and bargain finds!
I did pretty good, especially on the Carlos Santana wedges and the Missoni top!  I’m already excited for spring to roll around so I can wear some of this stuff without layering it like crazy, haha!