Holiday Sweaters from Savers… the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

Ugly holidays sweaters are a huge thing right now, as I’m sure you very well know. A ton of retailers have jumped on the trend and make it easy to buy something new and fantastic (or fantastically ugly, depending on your taste). But what if you don’t want to show up to your holiday party wearing the same sweater as three other people?

Head to Savers, duh!

Every year, Savers sets aside a whole section dedicated to holiday themed items, and a big part of that section has become an ugly sweater selection that rivals any retailer’s new items. When Savers offered to send me a giftcard to spend on ugly sweaters, I jumped at the chance–believe it or not, I didn’t have any ugly holiday sweaters in my closet, and had a party invite, so I needed one!

Both Savers stores I visited had a small selection of new holiday sweaters, but what’s the fun in that? Instead, I found three holiday sweaters that I have dubbed the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

The Good

The most subtle, and wearable, of the bunch, my “good” holiday sweater is a nice wool sweater I found in the holiday section at Savers. At first, I thought it was mistakenly placed there, but I saw the reindeer on the sides and realized it was just a low-key holiday sweater. It’s black and cream, and actually very nice. I will be gracing my husband’s family Christmas Eve party wearing this sweater. Here’s a look I put together with it, along with a new-with-tags plaid blanket scarf I found at Savers as well.


Like I said, not that bad, right? Wearable beyond the holidays, even. Alright, not all that exciting, at least not as far as ugly sweaters go. So let’s get to the bad one, then!

The Bad

My second find was actually a vest. The second I saw it I knew it would be perfect over something like the velvet dress I ended up pairing it with for this look. It also looks really nice with the plaid scarf I found too. I, however, though it looked best over a plaid shirt on my husband, which you may have seen over on Instagram. Since he didn’t have an ugly sweater of his own, he managed to squeeze into this for our party last Saturday. Here it is how I’d have worn it instead…


Definitely not the worst of the bunch, though it’ll stay in my closet until next year at this point. And now, the worst of the batch… or perhaps the best? You decide…

The Ugly

This is a sweatshirt, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s still amazingly ugly. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to be comfortable wearing this, but I still couldn’t resist snagging it when I saw it. I ended up wearing this outfit to the ugly sweater party last Saturday and won the contest, hands down. Yea! The boots where also a fab Savers find, which I couldn’t pass up knowing we had this party to attend, and really added to the look. My perfectly coordinating plaid skirt (which I think was also a Savers find a couple years ago) and the boots made it all come together just perfectly!


This sweatshirt will also be heading into winter storage, until next year. It might serve as a base for a DIY look next year… who knows. But it was fun to wear it last weekend, and scored me a sweet prize for winning the ugliest sweater contest! The boots… those might make their way into an outfit sometime this winter, but we’ll see. I did have the heel caps replaced so I could wear them if I wanted to, but my husband isn’t a huge fan.

All three sweaters cost me under $20 total. In fact, my winning one was only $2.99. Totally worth it! Like I said, Savers might as well be your ugly holiday sweater headquarters… there’s something for everyone there (not to mention all kinds of interesting things if you want to go the DIY route with it).

Do you do the ugly holiday sweater thing?

Do you thrift your ugly sweaters, buy them new, or go all out with a DIY version that sleighs (hahaha, sorry… couldn’t resist the pun)?

Disclaimer: Savers sent me a giftcard as compensation for writing this post. Compensation did not affect my opinions, and all of them are my own. For my full disclosure policy, go here. Merry Christmas!

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