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Carrier Stick As you know, I’ve blogged about essential oils and essential oil blends before, and I have a bunch of oils that I use for various things (typically involving relaxation). I have a liquid carrier oil that I use for diluting when I’m making my own blends, but when I just want to use one essential oil, it becomes a bit more of a hassle that I want to deal with sometimes. Enter the Carrier Stick!

The Carrier Stick is an easy-to-use, mess-free combination of several 100% natural carrier oils and butters, all held together with just the right amount of beeswax. The Carrier Stick makes it easy to use a carrier oil anywhere–at the yoga studio, at work, while traveling, before bed–without the hassle of a messy liquid carrier oil or the need to pre-blend your oils.

Using the Carrier Stick is simple! All you do is swipe the Carrier Stick on the location you want your essential oils, then take your essential oil and put a drop of it on the spot you swiped. Rub the spot where you dabbed the oil, and that’s it!

Carrier Stick Steps

Easy, neat, and 100% natural… plus the Carrier Stick is scent free, which means it won’t interfere with the scent of your oils.

So far, I’ve been keeping the Carrier Stick by my bed with my little bottle of lavender oil. Before bed, I swipe the Carrier Stick, dab on some lavender, and ease into sleep nice and relaxed. And the bonus? The Carrier Stick doubles as an excellent solid moisturizer, which I’ve used on my feet to help keep them soft as we edge our way into winter.

Carrier Stick

If you’re an essential oils user, or are thinking about starting to use them, consider picking up a Carrier Stick. It’s a great addition to any oil user’s stash, and can be used in so many situations it’s silly not to own one. I’m looking forward to using it with eucalyptus and tea tree oil when I get a cold this winter (which is inevitable) instead of store-bought chest rub, and will continue to use it when I need a little extra relaxation before bed. And really, with the collection of essential oils I have, the options for using the Carrier Stick are endless!

If you want it, you can order it direct from Carrier Stick or order it on Amazon. And don’t forget that the holidays are coming up, so if you have an essential oil lover on your gift list, the Carrier Stick would be a perfect gift… and you can save on multi-packs if you have more than one gift you need!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample of the Carrier Stick in exchange for my review. Compensation did not alter my opinions of the product, and all opinions are my own. For my full disclosure policy, go here.

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