Roti: Fast & Tasty Modern Mediterranean in the Chicago ‘Burbs

I don’t know if you have heard of Roti Modern Mediterranean before, and if you have, you know it’s a great alternative to your average fast food joint, and still reasonably-priced. If you are sitting there wondering what Roti is, well, you’re in luck, because they reached out to me to help spread the word about one of their newest locations opening this week right here in Northbrook.

Side note: I moved to Northbrook back in July… kept it kind of quiet because it’s not permanent. It’s been fun revisiting some of my old stomping grounds. Less fun having a 25 minute commute in the mornings. It’s ok though… with places like Roti popping up, this area’s becoming a little more suited to my tastes. Anyway, back to the story…

Roti Modern Mediterranean is opening a new Northbrook location this week!

The new location will be in the newly built shopping center at 798 Skokie Blvd (at the NW corner of Skokie and Dundee) in Northbrook. With the opening of this new location, Roti also debuts a name change (replacing “Mediterranean Grill” with “Modern Mediterranean”) as well as enhanced branding and interior design. The rebranding of Roti “is a true reflection of our food and company values: High quality, modern, inviting, and comfortable,” says Carl Segal, CEO of Roti Modern Mediterranean.

The new Northbrook restaurant features an interior design that will be used as the brand’s new standard for future openings, and the Roti team hopes that it becomes a place where patrons can take a break from their busy days to enjoy wholesome, delicious Mediterranean food with friends and family. The new design will feature stylish booths and will complement the fresh “food that loves you back” vibe that Roti is known for. They are also expanding their menu a bit, adding soup, meatballs, and new mixed greens (which intrigues me, because their current mix is great). And that’s great, but perhaps more important is the expanded beverage menu, which will now include beer, wine, house-made juices, and teas! Finally something fun at a fast food place for non-soda-drinkers like me.

The high standards of food Roti has always promised and delivered remain the same, now served in a new, modern atmosphere.

Roti offers fast, customizable meals with a high emphasis on serving wholesome, Instagram-worthy (not to mention delicious) cuisine. The Roti menu is comprised of Mediterranean favorites, with three meal types available: wrap or pita sandwiches, rice plates, and salads. I have gone above and beyond for you, dear reader, and have indulged in pita sandwiches, rice plates, and salads at Roti on numerous occasions (and I’ve never had the same thing twice)! Each of those options is customizable with chicken (quite tasty), steak, salmon (next on my list to try), falafel (delish), or fresh vegetables and six sauces to choose from. Side options include classics like hummus, couscous (my favorite there), and tomato and cucumber salad. Roti also offers many gluten-free options and proudly serves antibiotic-free chicken, organic chickpeas, and sustainably raised salmon.

The VIP opening events at the new location start tonight…

And I’ll be there, ready to report back about the new look and new menu offerings! So keep an eye on my instagram feed for some pics of the new location and some shots of some darn good Mediterranean food. The new Roti location at the corner off Dundee and Skokie Roads opens to the public on November 12, 2015.

Enter to win a year’s worth of free Roti!

Win a year of free Roti!

Look at that beautiful plate of delicious-looking Roti Mediterranean food! That cous-cous is so good I would have no problems eating it every day…

You could eat like a king (or queen) if you win a year’s worth of Roti… and you’d still feel good afterwards! And with locations in Chicago, Washington D.C, New York, and more, you can enjoy Roti when you’re traveling too. Want to enter to win? Just sign up here: One lucky winner will receive free Roti for a year (one free meal a day), five winners will receive free Roti for a month (again, one free meal a day), and just for entering, you get a free order of falafel!

Disclaimer: Roti reached out to me and provided me with free meal vouchers in exchange for sharing the info about their new location and rebranding efforts. Despite compensation received, my opinions are my own and were not affected. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

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