JORD Wood Watches: Naturally Beautiful

I’m sure you’ve heard of JORD Wood Watches. I certainly had before they reached out to me and offered one of their unique watches to me for review. What I didn’t know was just how many different varieties they had, or, for that matter, how lightweight and comfortable a JORD wood watch would be.

I was given a few options to choose from, and immediately gravitated towards the Ely watch. It’s a simple, classic shape, and the Natural Green and Maple color scheme fits nicely in my wardrobe, but doesn’t compete with any other watches I currently own. It’s a great everyday watch, both because of its natural look, but also because it’s shockingly lightweight.

JORD Wood Watches

The Ely series is available in various neutral finishes, including a great dark wood band with a black face that I considered getting, but was too similar to a piece I already have.

Tons of beautiful options from JORD.

Before I show off one of my looks with my Natural Green and Maple JORD watch, I can’t not share some of my favorite JORD Wood Watches with you, some of which are new since I received my beautiful piece.

My first favorite is the stunning Cora in Purple Heart and Pearl. The unique coloring, paired with the classic style, is just extremely eye-catching.

Their men’s watches are really beautiful, and I really like the men’s version of the black Ely above, which is the black Fieldcrest. The classic colors make it really easy to wear with everything, day in and day out.

And the Delmar is another gorgeous watch, and one I considered getting for my husband (instead of getting a watch for myself). But he was out of town when I was ordering, and since JORD will size your watch for you when you order, hubs was SOL. I really like the sporty blue and black version of the Delmar though, and at just $149, it would be a great birthday present for him.

The whole JORD line is really something you just have to see. Take a minute to watch the line scroll by and see just how beautiful all of these timepieces are:

Wooden Watches Men

My summery look featuring my JORD Wood Watch.

The look I decided to showcase here is kind of a mixed bag of styles, but I felt like it worked really well both in terms of showcasing the JORD Wood Watch and complementing it.

JORD Wood Watches

I stuck to neutral colors–cream, black, and grey–and added a denim jacket because we were going to dinner and I was sure to be cold inside. My look here is a little sporty and a little minimal, but I absolutely adored it.

JORD Wood Watches

The cream top I chose to wear was semi-sheer, so I threw a basic black crop top on under it. On the bottom, I wore fitted grey sweatpants that were light enough weight to withstand the summer heat outside.

JORD Wood Watches

And finally, I finished it all off with a pair of black, white, and neutral striped Pour la Victore sandals.

JORD Wood Watches

I was rocking my glasses here as well, simply giving my eyes a break from my contacts.

JORD Wood Watches

Shout out to my dad for shooting most of these pics for me. A girl could get used to having a photographer instead of a remote and a tripod!

This neutral look worked really well with this watch, but I found the watch a pleasure to wear casually and to work as well. It’s not super heavy, so you practically forget it’s even there. At work, where watches usually bug me because they clang against my desk while I type, my JORD watch barely made a sound. And while out and about, shopping the Michigan City, IN outdoor outlet mall, having a watch on didn’t bother me at all. It’s almost like it becomes a part of you, instead of something you’re simply wearing.

JORD Wood Watches make a great gift, for yourself or someone you love.

One thing that pleasantly surprised me about the JORD Ely watch was how it came packaged. You receive a custom wood box with a lid that slides open to reveal a unique timepiece wrapped around a herringbone print pillow. And if you opt to have your watch sized, your extra links are nestled in a little baggie at the bottom of your box, in case you need to make adjustments. I measured my wrist so my watch could be sized, and I was pleased that links were taken out of both sides of the watch so that it set centered on my wrist. It seems like an odd thing, but I’ve had watches sized off-center before and it bugs the heck out of me. It was nice to see such attention to detail, on top of the lovely packaging.

Once again, if you’re looking for a unique addition to your own watch collection, or just a gift that will take someone’s breath away, consider investing in a wood watch by JORD. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll find yourself sharing your lovely watch with others, because they will notice it.

Disclaimer: I was provided compensation for this post in the form of merchandise. Compensation provided did not alter my opinions, and all thoughts above are my own. For my full disclosure, please click here.

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