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I first heard of Ami Clubwear years ago, when I was modeling. Another model I knew listed it as a resource for clothes and shoes that were on-trend and low-priced, and years later, Ami Clubwear remains just that kind of resource. When I turned 30, I thought sites like Ami Clubwear weren’t for me, but when they reached out to me to choose some products and write a review, I took a look at the site. Sure, there were pieces that would definitely be better suited to being in front of the camera, or out at the clubs, but hidden among all of that were some great pieces I couldn’t pass up.

Originally, I had thought a work-to-play type of post would be a great way to show off the kind of pieces you can find at Ami Clubwear. But then I realized, it’s summer, and summertime means spending time with friends and family, often at various parties. So I figured I’d take the pieces I chose from Ami Clubwear and show off how to wear them in a few different summer party scenarios.

The Building Blocks

I ordered three items from Ami Clubwear, but one of them was a two piece set that I could wear as separates, so it was really like getting four pieces. The first thing I looked at were flats. Lately, that’s what I’m most comfortable in, and I wanted something I could wear to work and on weekends this summer. I recently got rid of my nude flats, so I decided on replacing them with the super-cute pair of Nude Ankle Strap Pointy Toe Sandal Flats. They’re available in a ton of other colors and even some patterns and are super comfortable (I have them in light blue too). The white sole makes them a little sporty and fun, while the pointy toe makes them a little more elegant. They are a perfect casual-to-work nude flat, and with the ankle strap I don’t have to worry about walking out of them ever.

With the idea of work-to-play in mind, I decided to see if there were any nude heels available. Of course there were, and I decided on a pair that was a little out of my comfort zone in the sense that they were mules. With my recent success with my Kate Spade mules, I thought that the Nude Slip On Single Sole Mule Booties would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. Plus, let’s face it, I figured they’d be a sexy departure from the typical ankle-strapped heels I usually buy. They weren’t in the high heel section though… they were hidden in the booties section. So if you’re looking for something specific at Ami Clubwear, you might have to do a little digging.

And finally, I looked at the two piece dress selection. I wanted something different from anything in my closet, since I’m trying to downsize a bit lately. Quite a few options weren’t pieces I felt were age-appropriate, or didn’t suit my style, but then I came across the Floral Lace Knee Length Summer 2 Piece Dress, and thought I could easily dress it up, dress it down, wear each piece separately, and make it work with my own personal style. So I snatched that up too. It appears to be out of stock now, but these outfits caught my eye as well, so if you’re looking for a good mix-and-match set for the rest of summer, here are a few cute options: Green Cropped Sheer Striped Sexy Midi 2 Piece DressBlack Sheer Striped Sexy 2 Piece Bandage Party Dress, and Peach Black Printed Short Sleeve Sexy Skater Skirt Outfit.

Backyard BBQ

Let’s start with the most laid-back look, perfectly suited for a backyard BBQ. I took the cropped top from the Floral Lace Knee Length Summer 2 Piece Dress and tossed a pair of grey vintage striped shortalls over it. I threw on my Nude Ankle Strap Pointy Toe Sandal Flats to complete the look and was ready to enjoy some quality time and great food.

Ami Clubwear: Backyard BBQ

The crop top helped feminize the bulkiness of the overalls, and the floral pattern was subtle enough that it didn’t really compete with the stripes too much. The black lace adds a little bit of edge, which seems counter-intuitive, because it’s lace, but with the soft florals the black is more dramatic.

Ami Clubwear: Backyard BBQ

I opted to nix jewelry with this look, since the overalls are kind of busy, especially when combined with the floral crop top and the lace. Plus, when spending time outside, being loaded up with jewelry isn’t really the most fun thing ever.

Ami Clubwear: Backyard BBQ

The shoes pull the whole look together, helping lengthen my legs because of the nude pointy toe. Like I mentioned above, they’re super comfortable, so they’re great for being outside and on your feet. Their simplicity also work well here, with the business of the rest of the look.

Summer Brunch

Another great way to wear the top half of the Floral Lace Knee Length Summer 2 Piece Dress is to dress it up a little, and what a better excuse than brunch? I opted to play off the black a bit and went with a pair of semi-sheer palazzo pants that were high-waisted enough to not show too much midriff, but were light enough that on a hot summer day, weren’t cumbersome. And even though I was wearing flats with wide leg pants, the combination of the vertical stripes, the high waist, and the black lace really worked well to help lengthen my legs.

Ami Clubwear: Summer Brunch

For a little extra color I added a light purple necklace, which coordinated well with a lavender color that was hidden among the flowers of the top.

Ami Clubwear: Summer Brunch

This look works really well for enjoying light bites with friends.

Ami Clubwear: Summer Brunch

The cool thing about a top and shoes like these two pieces is that you can easily swap out the bottoms, even on the go, and go from one party to another without doing much else.

Evening Party

An evening party, on the other hand, requires more than just changing bottoms. It calls for a whole other, sexier look that’s more sophisticated than overalls or palazzo pants. That’s where the skirt from the Floral Lace Knee Length Summer 2 Piece Dress comes in perfectly. Originally, I was going to wear the two piece set as it was, but when I found this sequin shouldered sheer top while thrifting, I knew it would pair perfectly with the skirt. I tried it with the crop top, but it looked better with a basic black crop top instead, so that’s what I went with.

Ami Clubwear: Evening Party

And of course, I wore my Nude Slip On Single Sole Mule Booties, because with the midi length of the skirt my legs needed the length and I needed the height. I’d be lying if I said the shoes were comfortable, but they were surprisingly easy to walk in, and I’ve even worn them to work with ankle length pants.

Ami Clubwear: Evening Party


Ten years ago, though, I’d have worn the heck out of these, so part of my discomfort is simply because of bunion-related foot pain. Oh the joys of getting older, right?

Ami Clubwear: Evening Party

With the sparkle at the shoulders of this shirt, I opted for just my rose gold Michael Kors watch here, to keep the look a little simpler.

This skirt felt a little see-though, so I did wear nude Spanx underneath it, just for a little piece of mind on my end. But it was so lightweight that the added layer didn’t make me feel like I was going to boil when I was outside.

Ami Clubwear: Evening Party

The only thing I’m not a huge fan of when it comes to this skirt is the tightness of the band of lace at the bottom. I have a longer stride and I have to shorten it when I wear this, which actually makes it harder to wear this skirt with flats. But, because of where it hits me, and the black lace at the bottom cutting me off, I don’t think I’d wear it with flats anyway.

Don’t be afraid to give Ami Clubwear a chance if you’re over 30!

There are “sensible” shoes at Ami Clubwear (for those of us who can no longer live in 4” heels every day), along with clothing, jewelry, and accessories that are more fun. Plus, swimwear and lingerie deals that can’t be beat. They have a 30 day return policy (for store credit only) so if one of the unique pieces you find doesn’t fit or ends up not being your style, you can exchange it for something that works better for you. And if you need some inspiration, you can always browse through their Style Book for ideas.

While I thought I’d outgrown Ami Clubwear once I hit 30, it turns out that all I had to do was look a little closer to find items that suited my style. And with the reasonable prices, it means snagging a super trendy piece for a season won’t break the bank. The only thing I caution you about, when it comes to shopping at Ami Clubwear, is to act fast if you see something you like. Items tend to sell out quickly, especially when they drop one of their 50% sitewide sales. I missed out on an absolutely adorable doll print bag that I’m still regretting not biting the bullet on when I saw it.

Disclaimer: I was provided compensation for this post in the form of merchandise. Compensation provided did not alter my opinions, and all thoughts above are my own. For my full disclosure, please click here.

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