Random Outfits: Not-So-Casual Friday

Man, it’s been ages since I’ve done a Random Outfits post, and about the same amount of time since I actually shot this look. Things have been a little hectic lately, so I put blogging on the back burner for a bit, but I have been able to get some stuff done lately, so I figured I’d finally share this look.

Not-So-Casual Friday

I shot this look on a Friday all the way back in mid-May, though it’s one of those looks I could have worn to work all summer. It started with some easy pattern-mixing, then involved some texture, and last, a little rocker-chic vibes.

Random Outfits: Not-So-Casual Friday

I totally look like I’m going to murder the camera here. This was only my second time trying out my new lens and my remote. Or maybe my annoyance was with the dandelions, which were brought to us by our neighbors… nice of them, huh?

I thrifted the skirt at Savers back in spring (you may remember it from this post). It’s Ann Taylor LOFT and I loved the dalmatian print when I saw it. I’ve worn it quite a few times, and this look was one I really liked with it. One of the best things about it is the length. Since it hits me just above the knee, it’s easy to wear with flats and heels, and I have no issues wearing it to work because I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone.

The Praduh shirt is from Shein, and is sadly sold out, but I loved the subtle screenprint, the floral pattern, and the cut of it. It is a little short for me to wear with pants, so I tend to only wear it when I can tuck it in to something high-waisted.

Under the skirt, I have a pair of nude fishnets, which helped hide my pasty legs a little and added a little texture to the look. On my feet are a pair of booties I fell in love with when I found them on the Last Call website. They reminded me of a pair of boots I had in high school that I wore until the zippers broke, and then fixed and wore until they were just totally done for. I couldn’t pass them up, and have a feeling they’ll last much longer than those others I had.

Random Outfits: Not-So-Casual Friday

And finally, I added a jean jacket, which I’ve had since college, for a little extra warmth (mostly in the office). For a little sparkle I tossed on a multi-strand necklace from Forever21 (also sold out, sorry!).

Random Outfits: Not-So-Casual Friday

All-in-all, this was a fun look that I really liked. A nice nod to my rockstar style, but not so over-the-top that I felt ridiculous at work, where most people wear jeans, especially on Fridays.

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