Lotsa “New” Stuff: SchoolHouse Swap & More

Starting Friday, this past weekend was chock full of acquiring some awesome “new” stuff!  Most of it cost me nothing, which is awesome.  Some of it is vintage, which is awesome too.  And lots of it was my grandma’s, which makes me very happy.  This post is really long with all the pics, so I shrunk them to save you some scrolling.  Click them and they’ll get bigger in new windows for you.

ModlyChic’s SchoolHouse Swap
Friday night was the ModlyChic SchoolHouse Swap.  This was my first clothing swap, and I can’t lie, I was a little nervous because I had no idea what to expect.  It was a ton of fun and I’m really glad I went!  Not only did I get to meet and chat with some great bloggers (list below), but I scored some really unique and nice pieces I don’t think I would have gotten otherwise.  Here are my finds.

  1. White Ralph Lauren Cardigan: This was the first item I pulled, and I shamelessly dug thru the sweater table to find it.  I’m glad I did, as I don’t have a nice white or cream oversized cardigan (the cream one I have is great, but it was my grandpa’s and there’s a stain on it).  While this is kinda short and boxy, I’m confident I can make it work.

  2. Rust Vest: I missed this Forever21 vest on my first pass, but saw it peeking out later on.  It’s a bit snug, but not too much I don’t think, so I’ll be able to make it work.  I’m looking forward to wearing this in spring.
  3. Fuchsia Sleeveless Top: The color of this caught my eye, and when I picked it up, I realized that while it was likely too big for me, it’d likely be pretty over leggings or skinny jeans as an oversized, flowy top.  So I snagged it.  When I tried it on, my thoughts were confirmed–it’ll be perfect with leggings or skinny jeans, and I won’t even have to belt it.
  4. Basic Black Shell: I grabbed this figuring it’d be a good piece to layer over skinny jeans or a pencil skirt and tights and belt.  It’s pretty simple, but it does look cute the way I planned to wear it.  Win!
  5. Lace Print Dress: This is actually the brand ThreeDot, which is a pretty nice brand (and not something I’d normally buy myself), so I was thrilled when I saw that after I’d put this pretty dress in my bag.  It fits perfect and hits me right at the knees, which means I can wear this to work without any issues.  The black and white lace print and great stretchy material means I can dress this one up or down and wear it almost year round (though winter might be a push, because it’s thin).  This may very well be my favorite swap piece!
  6. Grey Shirtdress: This is another one of the nicer pieces, as it’s from The Limited.  It’s a supercute black/white chambray type material that buttons all the way down the front.  The shape is lovely (though it doesn’t look like it in the pic) and it has some trench coat inspired details that are fab.  Not sure how I’ll wear this yet, but I’m excited to play around with it!
  7. “Stained Glass” Sheer Open Coat:  This was actually the outer piece of a dress set, and when I first looked at dresses, I breezed right by this.  Later on, a woman had it out and the colors were amazing (someone compared it to stained glass, hence the name).  I noticed then that it was 2 pieces, which meant I could take the top layer and leave the dress (which was too big for me) for someone else.  So when she put it back, that’s what I did.  Belted, this is absolutely beautiful, despite its initial “Grandma’s 1980’s Wedding Guest Dress” look.  The sleeves are a little short on me, so I may cuff and tack them.  I’ve opted to leave in the shoulder pads (for now).
  8. Light Blue Blazer:  I snagged this towards the end.  I almost didn’t take it ’cause there’s a tiny stain on one of the lapels, but I figured it wasn’t a huge deal.  It’s a little big on me, but it works.  I wore it Saturday over a black sweater, grey and white striped T, torn jeans and my Air Jordans.  I never wear gymshoes during the week (a self-imposed dress code) so I figured I’d incorporate them for once on a weekend.  It actually worked nicely, I think–kind of a casual-chic look.  I kept my accessories light, just doing my newer leaf necklace and a fun snakeskin clutch.  So for this piece, you actually get an outfit instead of crappy cell phone pics!

The SchoolHouse Swap Crew
Keep an eye on these bloggers who attended the SchoolHouse Swap!  Hopefully what they found worked for them as well as it did me, and you’ll start seeing some of the swapped items in their outfits!

Going Through Grandma’s Closet (Part 1)
My grandma passed away in early November, and my cousin and her family is moving into her condo until they find a new house, so we had to go thru Nani’s clothes, bags and shoes.  So my mom, aunt, cousin and I went through most of her closet and tried on stuff, taking whatever we wanted.  Of everything, I only took two sweaters (maybe more if the ones I forgot to try on fit).  One is a pale pink cashmere cowlneck that’s beautiful (though wrinkled in the picture–it must have been balled up in a bag or something).  It’s a tad big, but the color and detailing was beautiful and I couldn’t pass it up.  Of all her cashmere, it was the only one any of us liked, and I was the only one it fit.  I also snagged a wool blend knit cardigan.  It’s boxy, but it’s comfy and pretty (and another color that looked great on me).  Belted, I think it’ll work nicely.  Instead of buttons, it’s got tiny hidden snaps all down the front, which is kinda cool.


I also found two purses I liked, the first of which has already become my everyday bag.  It’s a caramel-colored leather satchel-like bag that has a drawstring and a flap, as well as two diagonal outer pockets and an adjustable shoulder strap.  The brand is “Envy” and it’s made in Italy, but I couldn’t find any info about it online.  I’m pretty sure it’s fairly old, as I don’t remember it at all.  The second bag is a clutch by Lou Taylor, who (according to my search) apparently revolutionized the way women checked their makeup by providing a little swivel mirror in his bags.  This clutch has it.  It’s burgundy leather and quite beautiful, though was clearly used by my grandma rather often, as it shows some wear.


I also snagged a well-worn, but still way cute, grey leather change purse as well.  It’s got a bright orange interior that’s just fab!  I’ll probably use it for earrings while traveling.

I grabbed a couple of half-slips as well, one because I don’t have any slips, and two because I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of layering stuff (like chunky, oversized sweaters) over slips and having them show.  Hopefully I can try that out, though I might need to shorten these a bit from the top (don’t want to lose the lovely detail at the bottom).  I also snagged a couple things that had been my Papa’s (he’s been gone over 3 years now), including his hat (which I forgot to grab from my mom), a bowtie, and an ascot.  Not sure if I’ll ever actually rock the bowtie, but it’s fun to have.  The ascot I’ll probably wear as a scarf at some point, though it’s pretty thin, so it might be reserved for spring.


I also got Nani’s sewing stuff, which includes a whole slew of threads in tons of colors and a bunch of bobbins for her sewing machine (which I forgot to take, but will be picking up over the weekend).  I’m really excited to be able to start sewing some more complicated pieces and thicker fabrics.  My machine is great, and I’m keeping it forever, but it’s an antique and only sews a straight line.  It also doesn’t like thick threads or heavy fabrics, which means it’s hard to sew a lot of stuff.  But Nani’s machine sews straight, zig zag, and a few other ways, which means I’ll get to experiment some.  Sewing and painting were two things Nani and I shared that none of the other grandkids got into, and I credit her with my passion for both.

I left one of her robes there, which I decided to take for sentimental value (she wore these brightly colored mu-mu type things over her nightgown every morning and night), and have a couple more cardigans I need to try on to see if they fit.  If they do, I’ll post them.  We also have to all go through her scarves–she had bags and bags full of them.  I believe we’re doing that over the weekend, but I’m not sure.  Whatever I get of those will also be shown off I’m sure.

What’s Old is New Again!
I was convinced I had given away a few pieces that I’ve been looking for recently, and was kicking myself for it, wondering how I could have had such a lapse in judgement.  Mostly, I was missing my olive skinny jeans, a plain grey tank top, and a black waffle knit open cardigan, amongst other random pieces of clothing I knew I owned at one point, but couldn’t find for the life of me.  Over the weekend, I did a few loads of towels and discovered that there was a whole load’s worth in a hamper in the corner of our bedroom, which in our old place, was in the bathroom (there’s no room in our current bathroom).  I asked my husband to empty the hamper for me so I could wash those towels, and buried at the bottom was all the stuff I’d thought was a figment of my wardrobe imagination.  Including my olive skinnies!  Needless to say, I’m pretty happy to be able to re-introduce these items back into by wardrobe!

I also went through some stuff at my parents house and discovered some great bracelets that I had and never really wore when I was younger.  I’ve added them to a few I already had to create an awesome mixed bracelet collection I hope to keep adding to with more textures and whatnot.

From L to R: Vintage watch (was either my Grandma’s or my Great Aunt’s, can’t recall) that no longer works–I’ve set it to 6:20, as that’s our wedding anniversary; green ribbon bracelet I got on sale at Von Maur in Davenport last year; a gold chain with hearts on it–I believe this was a Bat Mitzvah gift–that I grabbed from mom and dad’s; a “faux diamond” bracelet my MIL gave me for Christmas one year that she got because of the cute butterfly charm on the end; a chunky gold chain that was my grandma’s; a rhinestone bracelet that was also my grandma’s; a snake head bracelet with green stone eyes that my Papa gave me; and a sterling silver chain that I believe was also a Bat Mitzvah present.  You can see the details and how they all look layered on.

Davenport Thrift Finds
I found two great items while I was in Davenport.  The first is this “vintage” Aerosmith shirt.  I’m pretty sure it’s not actually vintage, but it’s soft, fits me nicely, and has a great vintage look to it, so I like it.  It was a whopping $8 at

The other piece I found is a fab fringed suede jacket, but there’s a long story behind it and that deserves its own blog post.  So I’ll hold off on that.

So That’s It
Some great “old is new again” finds over the weekend, all of which I’m pretty happy with!   I’m excited to start mixing these into my wardrobe!

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