Review: The Perfect Casual & Chic Spring Jacket From eShakti

I’ve written about eShakti before, but not for a long while. I’ve previously reviewed two skirts from them (here and here), and when they contacted me to take a look at the latest spring line, I was a little hesitant. Going off of what I knew of eShakti, I didn’t really anticipate there being anything that suited the style I’m pushing my wardrobe towards, and while free stuff is nice, I’m trying really hard to clean out my closet, nail down my style aesthetic, and not bring in much that doesn’t fit that. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only were there quite a few things that suite the semi-sporty, semi-rocker-chic, off-duty-model style I’ve been aiming for lately, but that there are more than just skirts, tops, and dresses available at eShakti now!

It was nice to have so many options!

Previously, my experience with eShakti had been mixed. While the items I had received were nicely made and fit me well, I had issues with a dress I had ordered not fitting at all (despite custom, accurate measurements being sent in). That was my first order, and I opted to switch to a skirt for review instead of the dress. The second time I reviewed eShakti, the customizations I had wanted on my second skirt hadn’t been done. It still fit nicely, but it was an odd length that I didn’t find as flattering as my first skirt. I pretty much only ever wanted to order A-line skirts there, for fear that something else wouldn’t fit me right. So tops, dresses, and pencil skirts were out of the question.

In the years since I’ve last worked with them, eShakti has expanded their product line to include some other items, including more outwear, some flowy tops, and pants. It also looked like they expanded their fabric offering, with some more forgiving fabrics in more items. I ended up browsing the whole catalog to see what they offered that was new and really liked quite a few pieces. The navy Cotton Sateen Belted Trench and the Jersey Knit Blouson Shirtdress stuck out as extremely versatile, seasonless, timeless pieces that would work in any wardrobe, on any figure. The Floral Chiffon Print Layer Tank Top was a fun, festival-inspired piece I never thought I’d see at eShakti, and perfect for summer.

eShakti Favorites

Cotton Sateen Belted Trench, Floral Chiffon Print Layer Tank Top, & Jersey Knit Blouson Shirtdress

And since I’m kinda digging black and white right now, the Rabbit Silhouette Print Cotton Tank and the Asymmetrical Stripe Bonded Knit Skirt immediately jumped out at me. In fact, if the striped skirt had been available when I was ordering my sample, I probably would have gotten instead of what I chose. It’s just fun and different, but still work-friendly. The Floral Print Bomber Jacket caught my eye too as a fun, but easy-to-wear spring jacket that would look just as great over a dress as it would with jeans.

eShakti Favorites

Rabbit Silhouette Print Cotton Tank, Floral Print Bomber Jacket, & Asymmetrical Stripe Bonded Knit Skirt

And if I still needed a black dress for my brother’s wedding, I’d strongly consider ordering one of these three dresses. How fun are the little details in each of these pieces? And hello, flattering cut! The grid mesh at the bottom of the Fiona Dress would have allowed me to have the desired length without looking too stumpy or matronly, and the cap sleeves on the Mesh Inserts Poplin Dress and the Grace Dress would even count as shoulders covered, without being too restrictive or heavy for a late June wedding. Very pretty indeed! Not to mention, they’re all totally wearable multiple places, not just a wear-it-donate-it bridesmaid dress. Plus, they all have pockets!

eShakti Black Dresses

Mesh Inserts Poplin Dress, Fiona Dress, & Grace Dress

I ended up opting to get myself a new spring jacket.

Since I recently got rid of a few spring jackets that I wasn’t wearing any longer, I chose to add eShakti’s Two-Tone Knit Open Front Jacket to my closet. I really liked the pattern of the fabric as well as the leather band at the waist. I opted to not customize it at all, though I could have modified both the sleeve length and the length of the garment itself. I figured it would be a nice “throw it on and go” jacket for spring and fall, but also something I could wear over things in the winter.

eShakti Two-Tone Knit Open Front Jacket

I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up. It looks exactly like it does in the above pictures, which is always a plus. But in addition to that, it’s beautifully lined, which means rolling the sleeves shows off a nice grey satin lining, instead of just the reverse side of the flecked fabric. The fabric is soft but maintains its shape, and has enough stretch that movement is easy. I do think I could have taken an extra small, instead of the small I opted to order, but I wanted to make sure I would have ample movement and extra room for layering. I’ve worn it quite a lot since getting it, but sported it this last weekend over a cute black and white dress.

eShakti Jacket

I added a navy scarf, black OTK socks, and my navy boots (which you can’t see) to complete the look. It was great for attending a friend’s baby shower and running a couple errands afterwards. The Two-Tone Knit Open Front Jacket provided just enough warmth while I was outside (it was only 50) that I wasn’t freezing, but was also light and comfortable enough to keep on while I was inside too.

I’m really glad I chose the Two-Tone Knit Open Front Jacket from eShakti!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-wear jacket for spring, definitely consider adding this black and white flecked coat to your closet! The only thing I wish it had as an option was the ability to add a toggle or a button, or even belt loops (I have a great black leather belt that would be perfect with this). Pockets would be nice too, as it feels only natural in a jacket like this, but there are none. Regardless, this jacket is going to get a ton of wear this season, and in the seasons to come, and I love it!

Disclaimer: I received a product as compensation for writing this review. Compensation received does not affect my review, and all opinions are my own. For my full disclosure policy, go here.

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