Review: Leather Nova Cleaning & Conditioning Products

When I saw the opportunity to review a set of leather cleaner, leather conditioner, and a 2-in-1 leather cleaner and conditioner set from Leather Nova I knew it would be perfect for me. As an avid thrifter who often gravitates towards high quality items, leather cleaning supplies are something I should own, but don’t. And yet, I have quite a bit of leather goods I’ve thrifted over the years (not to mention items I already owned).

Three leather cleaning and conditioning tools that fulfill all of your leather care needs.

Leather Nova offers three great leather care items that are asset to anyone who has leather items in their closet. Each solution comes with clear instructions and the cloth or sponge you need to apply and care for your leather item, which makes using Leather Nova items easy.

Caring for my thrifted leather items.

I really wanted to give the Leather Nova cleaning and conditioning solutions a run for their money, so I went through my purses and dug up my purple leather bag, an item I got a few years ago at Clothes Mentor. After I bought it, I started using it right away, without any cleaning or conditioning on the leather exterior.

The bag had obviously been used, and now it is very worn-looking. What would Leather Nova’s cleaner, 2-in-1 cleaner and conditioner, and leather conditioner do for it? I couldn’t wait to find out!

Step one: Leather Nova Leather Cleaner

I started out cleaning the purse. I followed the directions, spraying the included microfiber cloth with the solution and then wiping the front of the purse with circular motions, to work the solution into the leather. I left the back of the purse un-touched so I could see a true before and after. I did the top and the bottom of the bag though, and concentrated on the areas that I thought would be dirtiest–the handles, the bottom, and the opening. I then let it dry overnight.


I was surprised the next day when I saw the purse. It was definitely a more vibrant purple, and already looked newer. I honestly didn’t think the color was going to change much, but I guess it really needed cleaning!

I gave the bottom and the opening another swipe with the cleaner, just for good measure, and set the bag aside to dry overnight. Once I was satisfied that I had gotten the leather clean, I moved on to step two.

Step Two: Leather Nova Conditioner & Restorer

After you clean your leather item, you need to condition it. Leather Nova Conditioner & Restorer promises to “restore the leather to its original sheen”, so I was definitely looking forward to seeing what it could do on my purple purse, which had obviously been way dirtier than I thought it was!


After cleaning the purse and letting it dry overnight, I followed the directions on the Conditioner & Restorer, which reminded me of waxing a car. You apply the cleaner and conditioner using the included sponge applicator, a clean paint brush, a microfiber cloth (which comes with the leather cleaner) or even your fingers, and then you let it sit for an hour. After an hour, you then buff out the excess conditioner using a microfiber cloth. If you want or need to, you can repeat the process.

Here is a close up of the bag, with half of it cleaned and conditioned, and the other half left as it was.


As you can see, there’s quite a difference, with the side treated with Leather Nova products being richer and shinier than the untreated side. I had thought the bag looked and felt fine before, but now it is soft and supple. It certainly makes me think about all of the other leather products I have that I think are fine as well.

Regular Leather Care: Leather Nova Two-in-One Conditioner & Cleaner

For new leather items, like my Coach bag and my new Kate Spade mules, the Leather Nova Conditioner & Cleaner is just what I need to maintain the beautiful, soft finish for years to come. And now that I’ve cleaned and conditioned a wallet and a bag, I can use this item on those as well to maintain them. It’s a fast-drying dual-step process that’s quick and easy to do, making regular leather maintenance a breeze year-round.

Leather Nova cleaning and conditioning items are a must-have for leather lovers.

If you own any leather items, and especially if they’re well-used, definitely invest in a cleaning and conditioning routine to keep your leather items looking and feeling like new. If you’re a thrifter, you’ll find the items are well worth it! And really, at under $18 per bottle, Leather Nova items are super affordable.

You can buy Leather Nova items direct from the manufacturer at, or on Amazon (which, if you have Prime, means free shipping). Your leather will thank you!

This post was made possible thanks to BrandBacker. I received product as compensation for my review. As always, compensation received did not affect or influence my opinions, and all opinions expressed are my own. For my full disclosure policy, click here.

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