Random Outfits: GBS Workshop

I attended a Go Blog Social workshop in the late fall and completely forgot that Alex from Styled in the Heartland shot some outfit pics for me between the workshop and some thrifting we did together that evening. Of all the random outfits shots I found, this look was my favorite. It was a long-sleeved handkerchief hem lace dress under my grey cardigan. I added some necklaces and did something different with my hair. Here’s the whole look…


I carried my Coach bag with a grey floral scarf tied on. I anticipated being a little chilly, which was why I brought the scarf and the sweater, but during the workshop I didn’t really need either. The lining of my skirt is super hiked up here, and I think it’s a combination of my dress being a little too snug and lots of static. Holy cow, the static!

The GBS workshop was interesting. I met some great bloggers, reconnected with people I’d already met, and learned some more great stuff about blogging.

I tried something new with my hair for the conference, using my wonderful Bed Head Deep Waver and then playing with a look I found on Pinterest. Basically, a half pony, looped in over itself, and then a low pony with the same treatment. The Pinterest look featured three pony tails, but I don’t have enough hair for that, so I went with two ponies.

In addition to trying something new with my hair, I spent the night before taking apart a couple pairs of earrings and a necklace to make this super awesome statement earring.


I thought I had a shot of my shoes, but whatever, you’ve seen them before. They’re my burgundy cut out booties that look like the Balenciaga cut out booties.

I loved this look, but…

I added this dress to one of my recent ThredUp bags. It was just too small… I should have ordered a larger size, but when I tried it on the night before the conference, it looked and felt ok. As I spent the day in it though, I noticed how the lining hiked up and it pulled at the top. You can see both the hiked up lining (which I pointed out already) and the pulling in the pics above. Since I’d worn it once, I couldn’t return it, so yea… money wasted, unfortunately. But it was from H&M, so at least it wasn’t super expensive.

A lesson learned though… spend some time moving around in clothes, instead of looking in the mirror and wearing something without really getting a feel for it or how it moves on you. The look was great, but it would have been better if the dress had actually fit me right. I usually dance around a little in jeans to see how they fit, but guess I need to start doing it in dresses too.

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