Let’s Get Jammin’ With Jamberry!

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Jamberry Nail Wraps. If you haven’t, I’ll keep it simple for you… Jamberry Nail Wraps are an easy, mess-free way to “paint” your nails. All you need is a pair of scissors, hair dryer, a pair of tweezers, an orange stick, a nail file, and just a few minutes. You cut your wrap in half, peel it off the backing with your tweezers, heat it up with your hair dryer, and then put it on your nail. Smooth it down with your orange stick (you can heat it up a couple more times as you do this), file the edge that hangs off away, and that’s it! There’s no drying time, no getting polish all over your cuticles, and the best part? Jamberry Nail Wraps can last up to two weeks on your hands (four on your toes) without chipping, and they remove easily without damaging your nails!

Gone are the days of messing up your nails because you have to pee right after painting them (I know that’s not just me!), or chips on the second day of your perfect mani. No more using damaging polish remover to get polish off, or chipping away at glitter polish to just get it all gone. You can even wear wraps right over nail polish, which is cool when you think about all the clear options they have. Forget trying to “nail” that perfect nail art you saw on Pinterest, you can Jamberry wrap it and you’re good to go! It’s pretty great… and I’m hosting a Jamberry party, so if you want in on this, you’re in luck!

My favorite Jamberry Nail Wraps!

There are hundreds of colors and designs available, and when you factor in the different finishes available, it can be pretty difficult to decide what you want. I figured I’d share some of my favorite wraps with you to maybe help make the decision a little easier. Also, they’re buy three, get one free, so you can get 4 wraps (with two full manis per wrap) for $45. When you think about how much a no-chip manicure costs… that’s a pretty darn good deal! So here are some Jamberry Nail Wraps I dig…

SSC's Favorite Jamberry Nail Wraps

Starting with the top left they are… Cherry Ice, the perfect glittery red for Valentine’s Day or any time you’re feeling like looking classic but sassy. Newspaper nails, because a Jamberry wrap is definitely easier than trying to figure out that tutorial that’s all over Pinterest. Tinted Classics, a clear and black pattern (actually, three different patterns in the set) for when you want something different and cool, but not too bright (I ordered these). Also great to layer over any color polish! Rose Gold Sparkle, because it’s rose gold and it goes with everything beautifully (I have the non-sparkle rose gold wraps and they’re great–I imagine these are better!).

Down to the second row… The clear and gold stripes of the Metallic Gold Pinstripe Jamberry wrap is perfect for a subtle but glamorous look, adding a statement nail to a regular mani, or layering over any color for extra sparkle (I have these). Flower Shop is a perfect, muted floral wrap that’s perfect for spring, and would look great combined with the Rose Gold Sparkle or the next one, the Marsala Chevron. If you want to incorporate the 2015 Color of the Year into your look, but don’t know how (or don’t like it for clothes, like me), Marsala Chevron is perfect! Army Camo is a fun way to easily incorporate a classic pattern into your look.

And finally… If you love galaxy stuff, Galactic is perfect for you (and me, because these are in my Jamberry collection too)! The bright sugar skull pattern of Dia de los Muertos is a super fun, but really pretty way to add skulls to your nails. The chevron pattern on the Mixed Signals matte wrap is fun, but the black base keeps things from leaning too girly, if that’s not your thing (I have these as well). And last but not least, if you want something a little springy, but still simple, the light blue and aqua Lotus wrap is probably right up your alley.

Click through on any of those above to check out how others have worn them! Almost all of them have pics from other Jamberry fans showing off how they wrapped their nails, either with other wraps, with polish, or with just the wraps themselves. It’s pretty cool, and you can get some great ideas!

Ok, and before I tell you how to join the fun, I’m going to tell you something even cooler about Jamberry. You can create your own custom wraps! With the Jamberry Nail Art Studio you can create your own individual sets of wraps, either by using the colors and patterns they have available, or by uploading your own photos or designs (or both!). How awesome is that?! I played with it a in December and got a set of Trixie wraps and a set of wraps I created using some of my Instagram pics. Check ’em out…

Awesome, right?! I think they’re great, and I’ll definitely be playing with them this summer, when my nails get nice and long. I tend to avoid polish in the winter, and got these with the intention of them being statement nail wraps, so yea. But they’re fun and adorable, and I can’t wait to show them off!

Join the party!

There are two ways you can join my Jamberry Nail Wraps party (which will last for the next 10 days). The first, is to just buy directly online. You can do that here. That’s fun and all, but if you want a chance to win some free stuff by playing fun games and laughing a ton, join the Facebook group dedicated to my party, hosted by my rep Sarah! You can join us for all the fun here. A friend of mine hosted a party in December and it was a blast! Plus I won some cool stuff, which is always nice. So come join the party and, if you haven’t before, give Jamberry Nail Wraps a try.