21 Day Challenge: Sunday Shoes

Today’s rule was “wear Sunday shoes”.  I had a hunch as to what April meant by this, but I needed to clarify.  When I looked at April’s post about this day, she said that the idea was to wear shoes we don’t usually wear on a day-to-day basis, and that we reserve for special occasions.  Now, I most certainly have a slew of ridiculously impractical amazing shoes that fall under this umbrella, but today posed a bigger challenge than normal.  See, our company party is tonight, and I need to be able to dance in my shoes.  I mean I really need to be able to move in them.*

After much thought, I decided I’d rock my peacock ankle booties.  For some reason, I’ve only worn them twice since I got them, and neither time was in an everyday setting, or even on a weekday.  Plus, I can move wonderfully in them and they’re comfortable enough to be in from 830A till 11P if I decide not to change my entire outfit later on (’cause I did bring a few different options, including an extra pair of shoes).

But for the bulk of the day, I decided to spice it up a little and wear my pleather-front black pants with my wonderful booties.  I added one of my new sweaters (actually the same one I wore yesterday, but in grey and a size S instead of a M) and a beautiful scarf that has hints of peacock in it to tie it all together.  Contacts today (easier to dance in), though I’m only wearing mascara for now (I’ll pump it up later on).

I totally love this outfit and would wear it again in a heartbeat.  I’m so glad I decided to go with the pleather-front pants.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to style them so they’re dressed down, and I think this look works really well for that.

If I change, I’ll see if I can snap a couple pics.  The extra pair of shoes I brought aren’t Sunday shoes (I wore them so much I had to get the straps fixed because they broke), but that’s ok.

Oh, and look what some little furry creature left us on our deck… a half-eaten apple.


*A bunch of us got together and decided to do a flash mob dance to surprise our company president.  It’s pretty awesome, but yea, it makes it a necessity to be able to move well in my shoes.

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