Make going to the gym easier with the ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag!

Tons of people make New Year’s Resolutions to go to the gym, and I’ll admit, 2015 is starting off with a promise to myself that I’ll get back to it as well. Granted, I was going regularly for quite awhile, but then life got in the way, I got a sinus infection, and going to the gym wasn’t much of a priority. But now that I’m feeling better and the holidays are behind us, I’ll be hitting my mat a minimum of twice a week again, just like I had been before. I’ve already got a pretty good arsenal of things in my gym bag to make going to the gym a pleasure, but thanks to Tomoson, I’ve added a ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag to the bunch. Normally, I’m not a shower-at-the-gym kind of gal. I hate lugging my specialty shampoo and conditioner with me, and bringing soap that won’t kill my dry skin, plus face wash, a loofah, lotion… you get the idea. And bringing just a couple of those things meant I wasn’t really getting a decent shower after a workout, so I’d just shower at home. But the ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag makes bringing everything I need for a shower easy.

ShowerMade Shower Tote

Amp up your shower routine at the gym, without hassle!

So, before taking the ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag to the gym, I loaded it up at home to see just how much it could handle. I also needed to take pics, because cameras aren’t allowed in the locker room at the gym (which makes sense). For as small as this thing is, it certainly holds a lot… quite a bit more, I think, thank my college shower caddy held, and it didn’t get all topsy-turvy as a carried it to test it out in our downstairs shower. I think that’s because not only is it totally mesh, but the handle is nice and flexible too, allowing different-sized bottles to have their weight distributed a little more easily.  Here’s what I loaded it up with at home:

ShowerMade Shower Tote

In the big center pocket, I have a 16oz. bottle of Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, a 10oz. Surface Awaken shampoo and the 6oz. conditioner, a 10oz. bottle of Nevo Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment, and a 24oz. bottle of Skin So Soft Soft & Sensual Bath Oil. Tucked into the sides I have a bar of soap in a plastic case, a stick of deodorant (which you can’t see), and a container of body butter. The loofah also fit nicely into one of the side pockets. That’s a lot of stuff… and it held it all without any buckling, tipping, or my feeling like the bag was going to give out!

At the gym, I ended up with quite a bit of stuff as well, but really only put stuff in that I knew I’d use. I started with full size bottles of Surface Awaken shampoo and conditioner, a bar of Clean Nag Champa soap in a plastic soap holder, my bottle of tea tree oil, my Clean Naked Skin body balm, my deodorant, a travel-size bottle of the Nevo Intense Therapy, and a travel size bottle of hair spray. I forgot the loofah, but only because it’s still hanging in the downstairs shower. I brought it all into the shower with me, and for the first time ever had a shower at the gym that felt pretty similar to what I got at home. When I was done, I was able to moisturize and deodorize right there in the shower stall, which was nice too (I’m not a fan of being all nakey in the locker room). I was able to tuck my locker key into one of the outside pockets, which was nice and convenient, but what was even better was that the whole tote fit onto the shelf in the shower, so I didn’t have to set it on the floor. When I took my towels off the hook outside the shower, I hung the caddy from there to let it drip dry, and as I dressed I set it on a towel on the bench in front of me. By the time I was ready to pack up and leave, it was pretty much dry (the webbing was still a little damp), and I had no problems sticking it in my gym back to head out to lunch and then run errands.

It does double-duty… use it around the house.

You know I love versatile items, and the ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag turned out to be one. I hosted a New Year’s Eve get together for some friends, and can’t stand having to carry a bunch of cleaning products around the house. I have a bucket I use for mopping, but didn’t want to lug that around, so I dug the ShowerMade tote out of my gym bag and threw a roll of paper towels, my furniture polish, my glass cleaner, and my all-purpose cleaner in it and was able to easily carry everything I needed around the house. I even used one of the side pockets for used paper towels so I didn’t have to make multiple trips to the garbage. I didn’t get any pics of it (was too busy cleaning), but it was a great and unexpected way to use this outside the gym.

If you’re thinking about getting back to the gym, get one of these!

I’m glad I’ve added one of these to my gym bag. I can add weekend yoga to my routine (morning yoga will likely never happen–as much as I enjoy yoga, at 5A, I enjoy sleep more) and not have to berak up my day my going home after class, showering, and then heading out to wherever I need to go. I might also even shower at the gym after my night classes now, instead of waiting until I’m home to do it. I definitely see this making my life easier, and making it more pleasant to hit the gym.

The ShowerMade Quick Dry Shower Tote Bag would also be great for college students or people who travel often. College students don’t have to worry about their shower caddies getting all gross with the quick-dry mesh the ShowerMade tote is made from, and travelers can pack all of their toiletries right into the tote–shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, lotion, soap–and pack it right in their suitcase. A quick grab-and-shower means less worrying about leaving anything behind, and because it dries so fast you an pack it right back up when you’re done. I’m thinking my ShowerMade tote is going to do double-shower-duty for me over the summer, since we often spend weekends in either Michigan or Wisconsin. Being able to bring all of my own stuff to both houses, and have it all ready-to-go will make things so much easier!

Disclaimer: I received a product in exchange for my review thanks to Tomoson. Compensation does not affect my opinion, and I only recommend products I use and enjoy. To see my full disclosure policy, go here.

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