Random Outfits: Dalmatian, Side Parts, & Skulls, Oh My!

This is going to by my last Random Outfits post in awhile. I didn’t shoot any looks in November or December because I knew how far behind I was posting. This was my last look from September, and with winter here, it’s doubtful I’ll be shooting anything for awhile again. So yea… until spring, most likely…

I’m the type of person that wears my hair the same nearly every day.  I do it for two reasons: one, it’s easy, and two, I’m kind of not good at styling hair.  I’ve gotten better than I was say, 10 years ago, but I’m still not a whiz with it. So for me, side parting my hair and pushing my bangs to the side for a day was a bit of a change from the standard center part, normal bangs thing that goes on pretty much daily. It showed off a fun skully earring, and made this rather neutral look a little more rocker chic.

Dalmatian, Side Parts, & Skulls, Oh My!

My thrifted dalmatian pants have been really fun to incorporate into my wardrobe. I don’t wear them too often, because I feel like a statement pant gets noticed, but when I do I try to wear them differently every time. One of my random outfits looks features them with a cobalt top and peacock booties, and I typically like pairing them with a bit of color. But this time around, I wanted to wear neutrals and style them differently than I normally do. Plus, I really didn’t feel like wearing heels. So I pulled out a grey sweater, a black long-sleeved tunic, and flat black knee high boots. Combined with my side-parted hair, the result was a comfortable but cute outfit that worked well for work but wasn’t boring.


I call these boots “grown up Uggs” because the tops of them are pretty much shapeless, and I feel like they give me muppet feet, much like Uggs do. But they’re nicer than Uggs which means I don’t feel weird wearing them to work. They also have a bit of gold detailing on the back that I like. Here’s the top of them, so you can see the muppetness.


In addition to a cute skully earring, I wore a gold skully ring. The earring is one of a pair, which I got on 9thandelm.com, but you can get from the same seller on Etsy. I really like them, but tend to wear them as a mismatched pair instead of wearing the pair together. I’m tempted to modify the second one so I have two different fun earrings instead of two of the same, but I haven’t decided yet. Anyway, here’s a closeup of the earring and the ring (which I got a few years ago at Kohl’s).


 I really liked this look. It was simple but not boring, and one of those looks that came together easily. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s standing in my closet lamenting that I have nothing to wear simply because I can’t visualize anything I have clean together. This was not the case with these pieces, and it worked nicely. My hair on the other hand? Eh. I haven’t worn it this way since. It just wasn’t for me.

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