Keep Your Feet Happy This Holiday Season with Hydrofeet® Insoles

Let’s face it, wearing heels can be a pain in the… uh, foot.

Ten years ago, I wore heels four days a week at a minimum, walking easily in them and proudly proclaiming I’d never give them up. Five years ago I needed to pop a couple Aleve around lunch if I was going to make it through a third consecutive day in heels. Now, I’m lucky if I can manage a full day in something that’s higher than three inches, and that’s after taking Aleve an hour into being in heels.

Admittedly, I was hard on my feet, with my heel obsession starting in high school, and thought I was downright invincible when it came to foot pain.  Not the case, says my bunion, which I saw a podiatrist about a few years ago.  Thousands of (thankfully post-deductible-met) dollars later, I’d been x-rayed, shot up with cortisone, and prescribed custom orthotic insoles for my weary late 20’s feet.  Ouch!  But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, pain is beauty, yadda yadda yadda, right?  Too bad I hardly wore my custom orthotics.  Either they didn’t fit in the shoes I wanted to wear, or they were irritating in one way or another, and that irritation often over-rode the benefits of wearing them.

Now I know I’m not the only one with foot pain.  I know I’m not the only early 30’s gal who spent her late teens and much of her 20’s teetering on heels that just got higher as we got older because (let’s be honest here) they make our legs look great.  And because of that, I know I’m not the only one paying for it now.  Sure, I can still rock a five- or six-inch heel with the best of ’em, but boy do I pay for it that night and the next day. If you’re in the same boat, I’ve got good news…

Let me introduce you to Hydrofeet® Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles.

When Hydrofeet reached out to me asking me to review their liquid massaging insoles, I was skeptical at first. After all, I have custom orthotic insoles that are made to my feet’s specifications and are based on my stride, and they’re mostly annoying… so how could these “over-the-counter” ones really be any better?  But then I thought about it and decided that it was worth giving Hydrofeet a shot simply because I hardly wore my custom insoles.  I figured that nothing could really be worse than the things that bothered me about my custom insoles (which I’ll get to in a minute), nothing, that is, aside from not wearing insoles at all. So I accepted the review offer.

My first impression of Hydrofeet insoles? Wow!

When I opened the package, I was immediately struck by the fact that Hydrofeet insoles are everything my custom orthotics are not.  They’re thin, flexible, and black, which means I can put them in pretty much any pair of shoes I want and if you look at them, you can’t really tell I’ve added anything at all.  My custom orthotics come in two flavors: the bulky blue “sport” pair and the might-as-well-be-solid-concrete white “dress” pair.  Here’s a look at all three insoles…

Three Different Insoles

As you can see, the two pairs of custom insoles aren’t very easy to wear in multiple pairs of shoes. In fact, the “sport” version doesn’t fit into a single pair of sneakers I own, and only fits in about three pairs of shoes total.  The “dress” pair fits in more pairs of shoes, but isn’t flexible enough to be in shoes that have a heel higher than two inches. And they’re hard, with no cushioning whatsoever, so if I’m going to be on my feet in them for hours, my feet end up just hurting from the lack of cushion, versus hurting from the lack of support.  Furthermore, both sets of custom orthotic insoles have abrupt cutoffs by the toes, which I feel every time I wear them, and it bothers the heck out of me.  And as far as the flexibility here’s what I mean…

Bending Three Insoles

As you can see, the Hydrofeet insoles are a much easier-to-wear set of insoles based on their flexibility and thinness. But what’s it like to actually wear them, and do they offer the same kind of support the insoles made by my podiatrist offer? That is the true test!

Wearing Hydrofeet insoles is, in a word, simple.

I’ve already mentioned how easy they are to put in any pair of shoes. The thinness of Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles makes them work in everything from my Chucks to flat boots and even high-heeled booties. I haven’t yet tried them in flats I’d wear without socks, but it’s winter in Chicago so… I wear socks and shoes that will keep my feet toasty. I imagine they’ll work fine in some of my more enclosed flats.

Inserting Hydrofeet

Wearing them is a sensation I can’t really explain. The inside is a liquid that feels a little like a gel, but not so thick that it takes a lot of pressure to move it. So when you walk, the insole’s insides move with your foot, to move the cushioning where you need it most, before you need it. It’s a slightly weird feeling at first, but once you get used to it, it’s pretty nice. After spending all day on my feet in heels at a party, I found they were far less fatigued and painful than they would be normally, and I hadn’t even taken Aleve beforehand. The same went for wearing the Hydrofeet insoles to work. They were even great in my hiking boots for a trip to the dog park. They likely aren’t as “perfect” as my custom-made insoles, but they’re so much easier to wear that I’ll probably wear them more, and leave my custom insoles in specific pairs of shoes that they work well in.

In fact, I liked my Hydrofeet sample pair so much, that I bought a second pair. I figured it’d be easier to have a couple pairs floating around so I could move them from shoe to shoe less. I also discovered something pretty awesome about Hydrofeet…

You can get a free pair!

That’s right, a free pair (plus the cost of shipping, which is no biggie at $8.95). When you buy Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles ($44.95 and Amazon Prime eligible), you can register them so you can take advantage of the 3 year warranty. When you do, you’ll get a coupon code for a second pair of the same size for just $8.95 shipping. It’s super easy to do! You can even check out with PayPal, which is great. So you can get two pairs of insoles for $53.90, which is just $26.95 each. Not too bad when you consider those Dr. Scholl’s ones you buy when you step on their machine thing in stores like Walgreens are $49.99 each. Hydrofeet also has a Promotions page on their website that you can keep an eye on for deals.

Hydrofeet insoles are worth the investment for happy feet.

All in all, if you have sore feet or issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis, or a myriad of other conditions, consider giving Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles a try. I’m not going to promise you that they’re be an immediate cure for your pains, but they’re worth a shot for sure! And if you don’t have any of those issues, and you just want something to make your feet hurt less after being on them all day (like if you’re hosting a holiday party soon, or do work that has you on you feet all day), definitely pick up a pair and then register them so you can get a second. You’ll be glad you did!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review with a pair of Hydrofeet insoles. As you know, I don’t recommend products I don’t use or stand behind. Compensation received did not affect my opinion of the product. For my full disclosure policy, go here

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