21 Day Challenge: Day 19

Today is “wear something on your head” day.  After much thought, I opted for a hat (even though I had to take it off when I got to work–no hats allowed).  I’m wearing glasses again today, so a headband was out of the question.  And I didn’t feel much like screwing around with a bow or something.

I also remixed my striped dress for the third time.  Today, I added an olive sweater over it and wore my black polkadot tights.  I went with a pair of tan fold-over boots and added grey legwarmers for some warmth and texture.  To tie the boots in I added a tan scarf, which also coordinates with my knit beanie from Forever 21.  I added 2 long necklaces–a locket and an owl pendant–for some extra shiny goodness and have my basic earrings on.  I’m pretty much just wearing mascara today ’cause I was running late.

I more or less dig this look, but I was a little chilly today at the office.  It’s a super comfortable outfit though, and would be perfect for lounging around on the weekend.

I think it’s almost time to double up on the space heaters at work and add an extra blanket on the bed!  Stay warm!

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3 comments for “21 Day Challenge: Day 19

  1. December 21, 2011 at 12:19 AM

    I just pinned this! It’ fabulous! I just might have to copy it.

  2. Rachel Jay
    December 21, 2011 at 10:43 AM

    Ahh! Awesome! I’ve been pinned! <3 I think you're the first (or at least you're the first to tell me, haha)! I feel so accomplished (is that sad?)!

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