Random Outfits: Stripes on Stripes

This outfit is from way back in September, but it’s one of those looks that I could still wear right now, which is nice. It was pretty simple and easy to throw together, but I’ve got some misgivings about it that I just can’t get over. For the most part though, this look was pretty cool, with coated jeans, a black blazer, and some run necklaces. Oh and an increasingly-random wearing of heels.

Also, apologies for the delay on getting September’s Random Outfit posts up. On the plus side (maybe), I haven’t taken any Random Outfit shots since September, so I don’t have a massive backlog of months’ worth of outfits to edit and get up.  I figured I’d get through September and then see where I was at.

Stripes on Stripes

I can’t really remember what started this look, but I do remember putting it together the night before, which is something I don’t do often anymore. I used to be a regular outfit planner, but lately I just haven’t had the energy to (a few “looks good on the hanger, looks shitty on” outfits made me just not want to do it.  Anyway, this look is pretty basic, and a nice twist on what was once my uniform–jeans, boots/booties, a white tee, and a blazer.  On the bottom I have my peacock booties and coated skinny jeans (Rock and Republic from Kohl’s–these are similar). On top, a basic white tee topped with a grey and white striped cardigan I got a few years ago at the GAP outlet. On top of that is a pinstriped blazer I thrifted. It’s Ann Taylor and was a pretty awesome find, though I do wish it had real pockets instead of fake ones. What’s with that, anyway? I opted for my navy Superflex glasses from Retro Eyeworks.


So my issues with this outfit are entirely with the cardigan and how it fits me. The tighter band at the bottom rides up and gives me a nice little muffin top, which I really don’t like. I like the sweater otherwise, but that stupid riding up thing just… bugs me.  It’s too tight there, but pretty much fine everywhere else. And the more I see it in the above pics, the more I realize it’s time to part with it.

My necklaces were pretty great for this random outfits look though! I got the black tassel necklace for 75% off at one of the local Savers stores that was closing, so it was just a couple bucks. I liked the turquoise and gold accent bead in it. The rest is a bunch of Stella & Dot, starting with part of the Trinity Pendant, part of the Aria Pendant, and finally the Sahara Pendant.


 And even though you’ve seen these booties numerous times, here they are again. I opted to tuck my jeans in and then pull ’em out a bit. Every time I wear these I remember how much I love them, and regret not getting them in other colors (like black), or just multiple pairs in this color. They’re just perfect, and I can do pretty much anything in them, even with my feet being not in the greatest shape lately.


 So that’s a random outfits look from all the way back in mid-September. It was a fall look, but one that would work for winter too. After writing this post though, I do think I’ll be getting rid of this cardigan. It just doesn’t look good on me… which is a shame because I do like it otherwise. Oh well…