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I took these random outfits shots specifically to illustrate how I look and dress when I’m sick (this was the first day I felt really icky of what ended up being a nearly two-week-long cold). I figured, you know what, I’m not always at my best in real life, so why not show it here too? Plus, I actually really liked this outfit, even if I did feel a little like I was wearing a potato sack. And now, over a month afterwards, I still like this outfit.

It all started with my desire to stay in bed that morning. I wanted nothing to do with getting out of bed, getting ready for work, or looking remotely presentable. If I could have stayed home, I would have, but I had deadlines that had to be met and shit to get done, so out of bed and into clothes I went. I pulled out black leggings first… textured ones so I would look like I tried. Then I grabbed this fabulously cozy Open-Front Fleece Cocoon cardigan from Old Navy. Then I stood in my closet, sniffling, and wondering what I could wear that didn’t scream “today, I didn’t bother”.  I was eyeing my hanging rack when this dress caught my eye. It’s from Forever21 and was from the most recent clothing swap I did. I hadn’t tried it on at the swap, and don’t even recall trying it on after I washed it, but it went on that morning. I cringed at how low cut it was in front, but remedied that with a sports bra. I added grey knee socks, black flat boots, threw my hair in a  low ponytail, flicked on some mascara, and went to work.

ro_09072014 Gotta love my “I’m sick” bitchface. Pretty sure I looked like this all day… but whatever it takes to get my coworkers to avoid me while I’m sick, right?

But at least I was comfortable and able to make it through the day. And really, the subtle textures in this outfit really sold me on it. And the fact that it felt like PJs. The dress is a keeper, because it’s great for layering. It does wrinkle easily but… oh well.


Here’s a close up of the sports bra layering, as well as the texture on the dress.  It’s satiny, but kinda looks like burlap or something. I like it in all its drab, oversized, easily-wrinkling glory.


This outfit was a major success. But then again, that particular week, getting out of bed was a success (well, moreso than usual… I hate mornings).  Also, you should get this cardigan if you don’t already own it. It’s heaven.

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