Random Outfits: August 5: Swapped Shirtdress

Back at the end of July I went to a pretty great clothing swapI scored quite a bit of stuff, some of which I’ve kept and enjoyed wearing, and some of which has migrated into my donate pile. This dress is one I’m kind of torn on. It’s from H&M, is mostly a neutral, but I’m just not sure how I feel about it. I’ve only worn it to work on August 5, so maybe I need to give it a couple  more chances. But here’s the random outfits look featuring the dress… let me know what you think of it.

Swapped Shirtdress

I decided the first time I wore this dress that I’d keep it simple, and see how I felt about the dress in general, without too much going on. So I simply put a black tank top on underneath, went with sheer black nylons, and my black cut out booties. For a little bit of sparkle I added my Stella & Dot Somervell necklace.

Random Outfits: August 5: Swapped Shirtdress Let’s ignore my resting bitch face here, k? Thanks.

These booties are favorites of mine. I got them for my birthday (as in, a present to myself) a couple years ago and wear them often. I think they worked pretty well with this dress, but I’ve worn them with nearly everything, so they’re kind of my go-to when I need something easy to wear with something I’m not sure about.

Random Outfits: August 5: Swapped Shirtdress

And here’s a closer look at my Somervell necklace. For whatever weird reason, it twists on itself when I wear it without the extender, like I am here. Usually I am pretty good about monitoring it and fixing the twisting, but I forgot to make sure it was laying correctly when I took these shots. Ah well… you can also get a look at the detail on the dress, which is a bunch of black, white, and multi-color dots. They kind of make a rainbow pattern when you look at the dress from afar, which is cool.

Random Outfits: August 5: Swapped Shirtdress

What do you think of this dress?

Is it something you think I should keep in my closet? Or is it better suited to the donate pile? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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