Shoeaholics Rejoice! Get the Hottest Shoes for Less at GuiltySoles.

After taking a much-needed break for a bit, I’m back to talk to you about shoes! Because what else would a shoeaholic like myself return from a brief silent period to talk about?

When GuiltySoles reached out to be about collaborating I was thrilled! I’m a full on shoe-addict that never seems to have less than 50 pairs of shoes and boots, even after a thorough closet clean-out, so a website dedicated to providing customers with an “unlimited shopping experience that features the latest styles of shoes and handbags” was right up my alley (to say the least).

What is GuiltySoles?

Once upon a time, GuiltySoles was just a manufacturer of women’s fashion items for many famous brands. When the founders saw the rise of the subscription-based shopping model, and head the complaints of recurring costs and whatnot, they realized they could put together a better model and offer shoe junkies great styles, low prices, and no hassles. So that’s what they did! GuiltySoles offers a wide selection of women’s shoes (in sizes 5 to 11, in most pairs) and handbags for a pretty darn affordable price.

GuiltySoles is an online membership site offering the latest fashion footwear and bags for just $19.95 per pair/bag.  They offer two types of membership–a no-commitment monthly membership for just $9.95, or a yearly membership for $49.95. Once you’re a member, you get any pair of shoes or bag you desire for just $19.95. There are no recurring charges, no needing to remember to skip a month if you don’t want to buy anything, the ability to buy as often as you like, and really, no strings attached. Shipping is just $9 on any size order, so you can order shoes and bags to your heart’s content and save a ton of money on the latest fashions, and even snag some classic pieces.  Oh, and if you’re not happy with your order–they don’t fit, they weren’t what you expected, whatever–you have up to 30 days to return or exchange your item(s), no fuss. It’s that easy, and that awesome!

Let’s break down the cost quick, shall we? Say you sign up for a yearly membership, which is $49.95. Each pair of shoes is $19.95. Figure you order one pair of shoes (or a bag) every two months over the course of the year (you know, to boost your seasonal wardrobe), and pay $9 shipping for each. That’s 6 pairs of shoes, plus shipping, which totals $173.70.  Add the annual membership fee of $49.95 and you’ve got $223.65. Divide that again by the 6 pairs of shoes you bought, and you’re still looking at just $37.28 a pair. Not too shabby! And really, if you think you’ll order shoes or a bag every two months, the annual membership makes so much sense, because if you just do the monthly option ($9.95 per month) 6 times a year, you’re paying $59.70! Why do that when it’s just $49.95 for one full year?

Find your solemate… and then some!

GuiltySoles has quite a few different ways to find the shoe you’re looking for.  You can start by browsing their New Arrivals, which shows you all of the latest and greatest they have to offer. If that’s too overwhelming, you can check out their mood shops. Maybe you’re feeling a little Flirty, or you’re looking for something Glamorous for a night out. Or hey, say you just got a new job and you need something more Professional. Whatever mood you’re going for, GuiltySoles has you covered. The mood shops include both shoes and bags, which is nice if you’re just browsing or looking for ideas.

And of course, you can always shop by shoe type or bag type as well. If you’re looking for heels or flats, boots or booties, chances are, you can find something you’re looking for. In handbags, you’ll find clutches, satchels, totes, and more. All of the categories allow you to further drill down, sorting by size, color, and even back into mood (and yes, you can select multiple moods, colors, and sizes). So if I were looking for a pair of black heels in a size 7 or 7.5 that were maybe a little Edgy and a little Glamorous, I’d have a ton of options to choose from, right here. How cool is that?!

What’d I get?

Well, since GuiltySoles offered me a full year’s membership and a free pair of shoes to try them out, I absolutely had to shop. I ended up ordering two pairs of shoes right off the bat, because I couldn’t make up my mind (big surprise, I’m sure). It would have been three pairs if a certain studded ankle bootie was available in my size, but alas, it’s not (and I’ve been checking back regularly).  I started my shopping in boots, where I spied the super-versatile, perfect-for-fall Iona Camel boot, which I added to my cart right away. I then made my way over to heels, where I spotted the fantastic black and white zig-zag marvels that are the Summer Romance. A nearly identical pair to ones I found on another shoe site I shop at often, but for less than half the price! Into my cart they went, a total impulse buy (but without the “OMG how much did I just spend?” feeling that comes after hitting “submit order”).

And what do I think?

Well, both pairs came together, of course, and they came pretty fast (always a plus, since I hate waiting for things I order online). Both pairs came packed in their own dust bags, which was really nice (I love to pack shoes in them when I travel), and the Summer Romance heels came with extra heel caps, which was totally unexpected and a rather nice touch. The Iona boots are perfect, and I wear them quite often. The low wedge is perfect for daily wear at the office, running errands, whatever. I’ve folded them down too, which is nice because it makes them more versatile, but I feel like they lean a little piratey that way, so I usually just wear them as over-the-knee boots. If I was looking for a pair of black OTK boots, I’d get them in black too. Here’s a peek at them with a fairly simple outfit, worn folded down with some knee socks peeking out of the tops:

GuiltySoles Iona Camel Boots

They’re just great, and I’m so glad I ordered them! Definitely a perfect fall boot that will no doubt be worn through winter and into spring.

Admittedly, I haven’t worn the Summer Romance heels yet. They fit nicely and I could walk in them fine (the heel is definitely stiletto, with a very narrow point, so if you have trouble walking in narrow heels, you might not want to get these), but I just haven’t had a chance to wear them yet. I’m thinking they’ll be cute for the holidays, with a red dress, black tights, black cardigan, and simple gold jewelery. Like this:

Zig-Zag for the Holidays


Wouldn’t that just be the cutest outfit for an office holiday party? Well, I mean, provided you aren’t skeet shooting for your company holiday party, like I did last year! But even then, it might be tempting, haha.

Check out some of my favorite shoes at GuiltySoles!

I’ve put together a top ten list of shoes and bags I love over at GuiltySoles. The variety is just fantastic, and I swear every time I visit the site I find something new and fabulous that I didn’t see there before. Of everything on the site right now, here are ten things I just adore.

Suburban Style Challenge's Top Ten Pics from GuiltySoles


Number one is the Hony Black boot, which is a great lower-cut boot that would look great with skinny jeans, leggings or skirts. I love the tan and black combo, because it would go with quite a lot in my closet, but also dig the grey version as well. Definitely on my “to buy” list!

Next up is the Storm Khaki fringed bag, which would be in my closet if it wasn’t so darn close to a bag I use regularly and won’t be replacing for awhile. It’s a great shape with lovely detailing, an easy-access outside pocket (a must for me with bigger bags like this), and is a bag I could see being used year-round.

Number three is a classic black oxford shoe with a twist. The Lady Love Black shoe not only has a 1″ heel (instead of being totally flat), but it’s got a chic gold panel on the front that takes it from boring to eye-catching. It’s available in nude and the same great zig zag pattern as the shoes I got, and I could see these easily being an office wardrobe staple that would look just as cute with dress pants as it would jeans.

My fourth choice speaks to my sporty-chic side, and would look great with the mesh detailing, chic sweatshirts, and quilted leather that’s so in right now. The Immortal White lace up bootie might find itself adorning my shoe tree come spring, because I’m having a hard time forgetting about it. It’s available in black too (with cute checked laces if you’re looking for a chic lace-up bootie to add to your closet.

And speaking of quilted leather, my number five choice is a quilted leather clutch styled after the coveted (but super expensive) Alexander McQueen bag. The Susan clutch in black may very well have my hand wrapped around it come June, because it would complete the look I have going for my brother’s wedding perfectly. GuiltySoles has quite a few bags with this kind of handle detail if you’re looking for one.

My number six pick makes me want to cry green tears of envy for people who don’t walk out of heels that don’t have some kind of strap around the top of the foot or ankle, because I want these so bad, but would step right out of them! The Girl Mania in gold is a delicious, sexy pump that would be a perfect addition to pretty much any closet, and would last for ages because of its classic shape. Gold not your color? Go for red, white, or nude instead… or just get all of them.

Back to practicality (and something a little more fall-friendly) for number seven… the Warhol boot in grey is absolutely fantastic! I have a pair of beatle-style boots in black that I wear often, and quite like this taupey-grey pair that’s a little more rugged-looking, with the wingtip-like detailing. Another pair that I’m strongly considering adding to my closet as we get deeper into fall. They come in black and tan too, and the tan is also quite appealing to me, which is part of the reason I haven’t bought these yet–I can’t make up my mind.

Number eight is a pair that I actually found for a friend, who was looking for something neutral (but not nude) and strappy, but that still offered some support. Enter the Flashback in brown–a great shoe that can go from the office to a night out in a blink.

Another bag found its way to my list for number nine. It’s a bag that definitely isn’t for everyone, but I think it would be a fun statement bag for an evening of drinks out with the girls. The Bally bag in rose gold has gold studs on it and a chain shoulder strap, plus the coveted outside zipper pocket (for quick access to your cell phone and lipgloss).

And last but not least, another pair of shoes that speaks to my spoty chic side, with black patent leather, mesh, and zipper accents, the appropriately-named Action wedge sneaker in black may be sitting alongside the Immortal lace ups come spring. I feel like it’s a more sophisticated take on the wedge sneaker, and I could easily see myself getting rid of my red wedge sneakers in exchange for these. They also come in white, though I like the black much more.

So there you have it… GuiltySoles is the place to find great shoes and bags for great prices!

Don’t be calling me an enabler now, for telling you about GuiltySoles and their no-strings-attached, low-priced shoe club! Please do share your favorite GuiltySoles finds in the comments below… and let me know if you sign up and what you end up buying. Oh, and fellow bloggers, they do have an affiliate program if you’re interested. I’ve signed up, so if you buy something by clicking one of the links here, I will get a commission.

Disclaimer: I received compensation for my post in the form of a full year membership and one pair of shoes from GuiltySoles, however all opinions are my own and are not affected by compensation received. As always, I strive to recommend products, services, and websites I use myself and stand behind. 

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