21 Day Challenge: Days 15-18

Another long post with a few days’ worth of outfits for you.  This may have to be done this week too, as almost every day I have something crazy going on either after work, during the day at work, or both.  Anyway, here’s my 21 Day

Disclaimer: Sorry my shoes are the same pair days 15-17.  I only bought a few pairs with me over the weekend, and with being on my feet all day helping mom cook on Thursday (and then being stupid and wearing high heels), I really needed the support from my insoles the rest of the week, and they fit wonderfully inside the brown boots.

Day 18
Good news is, I decided not to wear the brown boots for day 18, which was “statement necklace” day.  Yay for being home and having a slew of shoes and boots to choose from again!  I wore a black long sweater under a grey blazer with dark greyish skinny jeans and my ruched wedge boots.  I kept it really basic so as not to be too much with my necklace, which is a lovely dusty purple piece from Arden B (I think).  It’s a heavily textured piece, with lots of chains and beads going on.  I don’t wear it often, but it worked nicely with this outfit I think, likely because it was so simple and monochromatic.

Compared to what I’ve been wearing lately, this outfit really bored me otherwise.  That’s probably a good sign I’m heading in the right direction as far as fashion goes… especially considering I used to sport this kind of look nearly every day a year or so ago.

Day 17
Sunday was a challenge for me.  It was “fix something from your repair pile and wear it” day, and I don’t have much of a repair pile.  I did have this dress I thrifted though, originally for a shoot.  The shoot didn’t happen, and I had this tan, frumpy and bland 2 piece dress that was balled up on the floor hanging in my closet.  So I separated the layers and packed the knit top layer on Weds before we left, figuring I’d figure out something by the time Sunday rolled around.

My solution?  I cut the seam that ran down the front center of the piece off and opted to make a sheer duster cardigan out of it.  It’s obviously not very warm, but that means I can use it as a layering piece year round, which is pretty cool.  I’m way happy with how it came out!  I wore it over a white sweater, which I wore over a black t-shirt dress and black sweater tights.  Again with the belting and the brown boots, because while I wanted to go with my combat boots, the outfit just didn’t look right at all with them.  I added a thick knit infinity scarf for some color and texture.

Initially when I got dressed I had a big rock ring from H&M on.  But I took it off to help mom clean up the summer home and forgot to put it back on when I was done.  Oh well.

Also, you’re going to see this spot in our house in quite a few pics in the next coming months.  It’s pretty much made for taking self-portraits quickly and easily, and the lighting isn’t too bad, which is awesome.

Day 16
I decided to wear a couple pieces I picked up on Friday at the Michigan City outlets.  I paired my new olive skirt and striped sweater for Saturday’s “menswear” challenge.  I added a white T under the cardigan, which I topped with a vest and belted it for some texture.  I added black OTK socks and my brown boots, but wore cream lacy tights also, for more texture.  I wore my favorite brown leather coat over it all for warmth, but took it off for a pic.  Went with glasses to give my eyes a much-needed rest.  Got a few compliments on this outfit too 🙂  We went Christmas tree hunting with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, so I had hubs take pics for me while we were there.

Pickings were kinda slim on the trees, but the BIL& SIL (and kids) found one they liked.  Hubs and I didn’t get one.

Day 15
The rule for day 15 (which was Friday) was “try something new with your hair”.  Big challenge for me considering I’m pretty much incapable of doing my own hair, and it’s at a length right now where I can’t pony it or put it up any way.  So I opted to change my part to the left side and zig it a bit, and then I pinned back the side using a cute bow from Forever21.  It has ponies on it 🙂  In addition to that, I wore a grey cowl-neck sweater over a stripey dress with lighter grey OTK socks and my brown boots.  I added a turquoise ring for a little pop of color, and belted to sweater for some interest.  I got a few compliments while out and about.

The theme for the day was lines, apparently.

We went shopping Friday afternoon at the Michigan City outlet mall.  The crowds weren’t too bad and my husband got some great stuff for winter.  I managed to snag some sweaters, the cute skirt from day 16 (just $4!!), and a maxi dress, much of which I’d just wishlisted a couple days before.  I got some pretty good deals on all of it, so I’m happy… plus, I didn’t get trampled or sprayed with mace while shopping!  Win win!