Random Outfits: July 24: Casual Comfort

July 24 was a Thursday, but I opted to dress a little more casual than normal for work anyway. I busted out my Minnetonka moccasin boots and some layers for this totally comfortable random outfits look that was perfect for meeting up with an old friend at Walker Bros for dinner after work.

Casual Comfort

I started this one with black leggings, again… though it only feels super duplicated since my last random outfits post included black leggings. I’m positive there were other bottoms between July 16th and now. I knew I wanted to wear my Minnetonka fringe boots, and for work, the leggings were an easy choice. I added a white tunic top and a grey sweatshirt, which I rolled the sleeves up on while I was outside (in the office they stayed rolled down to keep my hands warm).

Random Outfits: July 24: Casual Comfort

Sorry that pic is just a tad blurry. Turns out, I had trouble standing still enough for my camera for almost this entire set… I was just excited to get me some Swedish pancakes I guess!

Here’s a closer, less blurry pic of the boots. I managed to snag them on sale at DSW (they’re still available, but not at as low of a price as I got them). I don’t wear them all that often, but they seem to be my go-to “I just need something comfortable and easy” pair of shoes. I’m thinking I’ll get a decent amount of wear out of them this fall. I got them right at the beginning of winter I think, and with the weather we had here, they just didn’t happen.

Random Outfits: July 24: Casual Comfort

For necklaces, I wore my Syd Rocks necklace, my old cheapy claw (from Claires like 10 years ago), and my Stella & Dot Rebel PendantIt was a good mix of natural and easy-to-wear, and still added a little bit of glamour to an otherwise casual outfit.  The sweatshirt is an old Roxy sweatshirt I found at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s at least 8 years ago. It’s one of those pieces that I don’t wear often, but can’t bear to part with because it’s so timeless and easy to wear whenever. Since sweatshirts are a little in vogue right now, I’m getting a little more wear out of it, which is nice. I also really like it layered over this particular tunic, which is nearing its retirement days rapidly.

Random Outfits: July 24: Casual Comfort

A successful outfit, for how easy it was.

This look was blissfully comfortable, and worked well for sitting at my desk all day. It was also perfect for hanging with a friend for a casual dinner and coffee after work. And yet, even with all the casual comfort, I felt totally cute in it, and completely like myself. This look is one I’ll likely bust out again for traveling. Talk about perfect for wandering the airport or sitting in a car on a road trip!

Disclaimer: There’s a Stella & Dot link or two in this post, so if you click and buy something, I might get a commission since I’m a rep.

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