Random Outfits: July 2: Fly Since 1982

Alright, so I’ve been slacking on the random outfits posts, and that’s my fault. I have a few from July and not too many from August, largely because I knew how far behind I was that I just didn’t shoot much in August. Anyway, here’s a fun look from July featuring a boy’s basketball top that I dressed up a little. I had a little bit of fun with it, because why not?

Fly Since 1982

So, first, let’s discuss this top. It actually has a tag on it that says “fly since 1982” and I didn’t even notice said tag until I was taking outfit pics. I laughed, and then grabbed a picture of it. I was born in ’82. Clearly I was meant to find this top on the boy’s clearance rack on my way into the TJ Maxx fitting rooms. Not only is it a Jordan jersey (or as close as I’ve ever been to owning one of my own), but…

Random Outfits: July 2: Fly Since 1982

Yes. Awesome!

Now, the outfit.  I went comfy-sporty here, and wore black capri leggings with the jersey top. Since it’s sleeveless and I not only dislike wearing sleeveless tops in the office, but I’d freeze if I did such, I threw on my chunky cream cardigan (which is from GAP, but I scored at a clothing swap). I can’t recall what shoes I’d planned to wear with this, but I turned to my blue and cream striped Chucks instead of something fancier. They worked well. To dress it up a little bit I put on my gold collar necklace and a couple of bracelets.  Now, I’m sure you understand I had to take a jumping shot wearing this top. I had planned to showcase a jump shot and a normal shot, but this shot just trumped them all, so this is what you get. I promise I didn’t have a Bumpit in.

Random Outfits: July 2: Fly Since 1982

Here’s a closer look at the top.  It’s actually all embroidered, which is nice–it’ll last a little longer as opposed to if it were just screen printed.  The collar necklace sat nice with it. I de-pilled my sweater a couple days later.

Random Outfits: July 2: Fly Since 1982

For bracelets, I braved wearing pieces on both my right and my left wrists. Typically, right-wrist anything at work bothers the heck out of me, since that wrist is always resting on my desk, but I decided the soft leather gold cuff would be ok. And it was. In fact, it kept my wrist from coming on contact with the cold desk and kept my hand a little warmer, which was kind of nice. On the left wrist I wore a silver and gold leather bracelet and my Christina Link Stella & Dot bracelet. It all added a little sparkle without being too much, especially with the collar piece at my neck.

Random Outfits: July 2: Fly Since 1982

Here’s a not-blurry look at my Chucks. These are quite a few years old, and I got them on sale at GAP back when GAP and Converse had a thing going. My desire to wear them seems to wax and wane, which is why they’re fairly clean, but this summer I’ve worn them a fair amount.

Random Outfits: July 2: Fly Since 1982

I liked this look quite a bit.

It was a good comfy, fun look for a rather short work week. Typically, I try not to wear sneakers like this to the office, but one, no one really cares, and two, I feel like holiday weeks are always a little more relaxed anyway. So I, uh, snuck these into my rotation.

Disclaimer: This post contains Stella & Dot links, and since I’m a Stella & Dot rep, I may get a commission on any sales made through said links. 

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