Random Outfits: July 16: Holy Chic

July 16th was a normal Wednesday for me–a standard workday with not meetings planned. I was getting a little sick of some of the stuff I’d been wearing, so I decided to wear my custom Holy Chic tee and kind of modify my “uniform” for jeans, a tee, and a blazer. Nothing super special really, but I liked the look overall so here you go… another random outfits from July.

Holy Chic

Like I said, I wanted to wear my Holy Chic tee on this random Wednesday.  I don’t wear it all that often, but decided it was just something a little different.  I was getting a little sick of flats too, so I opted to break out my teal booties and pair them with leggings and a thrifted blazer that happens to be lined with almost the exact same color. I wore a couple of random necklaces–a short gold crescent necklace I scored at an estate sale and my trusty Rebel Pendant from Stella & Dot. A quick and easy outfit, really, which was made even easier by a high ponytail and my glasses.

Random Outfits: July 16: Holy Chic

Here’s a closer look at the Rebel Pendant and the texture of the blazer.  The blazer was a thrift store find… another boy’s section gem that was made even better with the peacock colored lining. The only problem with boys blazers is that often the sleeves aren’t long enough for me to uncuff, so when my hands get cold in the office I have to find other ways to keep my wrists warm (because that helps warm my hands). But I’ll make that sacrifice, I guess.

Random Outfits: July 16: Holy Chic

Here are my fab, but definitely showing signs of wear, teal booties. I am seriously regretting not getting these in at least one other color (black) because I really love the fit and feel of these. I suppose I could try to find them on eBay, but they were an old MakeMeChic find and are likely just not being made any longer at all.  On the plus side, I did find a very similar pair in black at Savers last week that I’ll be showing off soon.

Random Outfits: July 16: Holy Chic

And here’s a better look at my Holy Chic tee, which is almost always hidden under layers when I wear it. While I like this tee, I find myself contemplating redesigning it every so often. I’m still a little torn on the color and the size of the text. But yet, I still like it. So… for now, it’ll stay my only Holy Chic tee. Perhaps when I really tire of it, I’ll design a different variant of it and order when Allied Shirts (formerly known as Dress United) has one of their great sales.

Random Outfits: July 16: Holy Chic

A success, I guess.

I’m a little meh about this look, only because I feel like I wear similar looks so often. But then again, I felt good in it. And isn’t that what a “uniform” is supposed to be? Easy to put together, easy to feel good in, and easy to just where whenever, wherever? Yea, probably. Do you have a “uniform” like this?

Disclaimer: There’s a Stella & Dot link or two in this post, so if you click and buy something, I might get a commission since I’m a rep.

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