Random Outfits: July 28: Seeing Spots

The evening of July 28th hubs and I were invited to a BMW event with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We got to go for a ride with a professional in the new M3, and then try the course ourselves, and also got to test-drive some of the other models of cars available. There were hors d’oeuvres, cocktails (only after driving was done), and dinner served, and it was a beautiful night for the event. I was going from work, home to take care of the dog, and then had to run straight to the event, with no time between to change or anything. So I wore my fab dalmation print pants with cobalt and teal. While I rather enjoyed the Rockstar Weekend random outfits look, this one is a close second for the month of July!

Seeing Spots

These pants were a great thrift find at a Goodwill up in Milwaukee. What’s funny about having found them was that I was at the Milwaukee Blogger Bazaar before hitting up Goodwill and saw a very similar pair of pants for sale in one of the bloggers’ booths. They were from H&M, as are these, and not my size (and not even close enough to warrant trying on). I was bummed, because I loved the pattern. I’m sure you can imagine my delightful squeal when, just an hour or so later, the heavens opened up and shined a beacon of light down upon these H&M dalmation print pants in my size at Goodwill.

While I liked how they looked with the studded top, I decided to keep it a little more on the simple side for work, and opted for a cobalt knit sleeveless top.  I loved the look of my peacock ankle boots with these pants though, so I wore those. Because the office is rather chilly, I added this cropped black jacket. I added some accessories, including my Michael Kors rose gold watch, and then flipped my waved hair fabulously for good measure.

Random Outfits: July 28: Seeing Spots Turns out, this shirt wrinkles fairly easily if all I do is sit at my desk all day… 

Here are my much-loved teal booties. I love them with these pants… but I know I’m going to have to start trying other options too. Hopefully it won’t be too hard to find something that looks as good as these do with these pants. I mean… I have over 50 pairs of shoes, so I’d hope not!

Random Outfits: July 28: Seeing Spots

I was really excited to have this rose gold quartz crystal necklace added to my jewelery box. I ordered it from Crystal Cactus (where it doesn’t seem to be available any longer) and wore it quite a few times. But then the chain broke. Boo! I emailed them to see about getting a replacement, but haven’t heard back. So I have to figure out what I’m going to do with it. I’m thinking maybe I’ll find a leather cord or something to put it on, but we’ll see. I liked it as a necklace, but ordered something similar from Stella & Dot that I’m waiting to arrive, so maybe I’ll string it onto a pretty ribbon and hang it from my rear-view mirror instead. While I was able to wear it, it layered nicely with my vintage choker necklace and my Rebel Pendant. Though I did manage to get a tan line from the thicker chain while out and about one weekend. Thankfully, that’s gone!

Random Outfits: July 28: Seeing Spots

This outfit was great!

Like I said, it’s a close second to the outfit with the fringed skirt in terms of random outfits for the month of July. I loved the way it all worked together, and am increasingly glad I  hung onto this little jacket. It’s inching closer and closer to being 10 years old and when I got it from Express I had the matching skirt. I rarely wore either, but this jacket is great for warmer weather when I want my shoulders covered but can handle my arms from the elbows down being bare. It’s great for the office too, since I don’t like going sleeveless there.

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