Another Leibster Award

Alex over at Styled in the Heartland nominated me for a Leibster Award. I’ve already done this before, and it wasn’t too long ago, so I’m going to opt out of nominating anyone. But I’ll still answer the questions that Alex asked me, because they’re kinda fun.

What is the main goal for your blog? Meet friends, create a business?
Meeting fellow bloggers has been pretty awesome, though it wasn’t something I even considered when I started SSC. Past that? I just want to share ideas, tips, and other things I figure out along the way as I make my style journey.

If you had to choose only one store you could shop at, what would it be?
Hmm this one’s tough. My gut reaction was “Savers, duh!” but then I realized that, while I have decent luck there most of the time, it can be hard too. And you can’t shop Savers online. So maybe Target? Or H&M? Savers has good deals though… and yet Target has everything. Bah, I’ll never be able to answer this question!

What is your favorite color to wear?
Black… even though I’m trying to bring more color into my wardrobe, I think it will always be black. Universally flattering, largely stain, spill, and sweat resistant… slimming. What’s not to love about black?

Sandals, flats, heels or boots?
Boots. Pretty much always.

What are your all time and current favorite movies?
Hmm, well, I can always watch Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls, Mrs. Doubtfire, Finding Nemo, any of the newer Batman movies (or the original Batman with Michael Keaton)

What is your favorite season of the year and why?
It’s a tossup between fall and spring, largely because those are the two seasons it’s easiest to dress the same both inside and outside. And I love layers.

Favorite actor and actress?
So I follow Robert Downey Jr. on Facebook and think hanging out with him would be pretty awesome. Same goes for Jimmy Fallon. They both seem like really fun people. Hank Azaria always makes me laugh, and Robin Williams (may he rest in peace) will forever make me laugh as well. I also really like Gary Oldman, for his versatility. I like Meryl Streep quite a bit (fun fact, my dad shook her hand when I was a kid and we saw her and her family at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum… I had no idea who she was back then). Past that… I’m not really all that into celebrities/actors, and I’d probably walk right by someone famous and not even recognize them. Or I’d recognize them and text a friend a sneaky pic and ask who that person is.

What is your most worn scent?
More often than not I wear nothing… and when I do put something on, the only consistency is that it depends on how I’m feeling that morning.

It’s a cold Monday morning, what outfit do you pull from your closet?
Well, I got a good amount of practice doing this kind of thing this past winter… but we’ll go with “normal” cold and not “polar vortex” cold. My first instinct would be to reach for black leggings, grey OTK socks, black OTK boots, my black “cold shoulder” tunic top, and my cream chunky cardigan. I’d then wrap a scarf around my neck (likely my skully one), throw my hair in braided pigtails or a low pony, and pop my grey hat on my head. Add some blush and mascara and I’m done.

What song do you currently have on replay?
Right now I’m diggin’ “Stolen Dance” by Milky Chance.

Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years?
Nowhere really all that different, I don’t think. I don’t really have a plan though…

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