21 Day Challenge: Day 14 & Dup-A-Look 2

Thursday’s rule for the challenge was “copycat”, or duplicate a look you love from a blog, catalog, or wherever.  I struggled with this, because I wanted to be both comfortable and appropriate for Thanksgiving.  Then I was browsing around Polyvore and found a set that featured this great look from Gwen Stefani.  I dug around and found it on the original site, OutfitID, which you can view here.  I figured it’d be perfect for duplicating for Thanksgiving–comfy but fashionable, and lots of layers too, which is always nice.  And it was!

Here’s the outfit…

I opted for a cropped grey and black houndstooth jacket over a grey top and white tank.  I paired that with my patchwork jeans from GAP a few seasons ago and my black ankle booties (I opted for closed toe instead of open, just because it was a tad chilly out).  I added my new thrifted scarf (largely because I couldn’t find the one I wanted when I was packing), which I rolled and tied at the neck.  It’s hard to tell, but I’ve got a red stain on my lips, just like Gwen below.

And here’s the Dup-A-Look version, so you can see how close I got.

Not too bad, huh?  The jeans really make it though, I think.  I had a black leather jacket out in MI with me, but opted to leave it off because it got pretty warm inside with all the people, hot stove, and all that.  Good choice, really.  I ended up losing the scarf later in the evening as well, because it got warm.  I’m pretty pleased with the outfit though 🙂  Shout out to my Hubs for taking these pics for me 🙂

I have a few more outfits to post, obviously, but figured I’d do them separate.  I’ll schedule the other post(s) later, don’t worry.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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