Random Outfits: June 27: Somewhere Under My Rainbow

Finally, my last random outfits look from June! The setback with the date on my camera really put me behind, and I’ve got all of my July looks ready to edit. Hopefully I can get them done quickly so I’m less behind. I didn’t shoot many random outfits looks in July though, because I knew I was so far behind on June’s looks, so that does make things a little easier. Anyway, here’s June 27th’s random outfits post.

Somewhere Under My Rainbow

Alright, so I admit I got this shirt because it made me giggle (I immediately thought of it as dirty, because I can be a perv like that). It was a few bucks at Kohl’s and I figured even if I just slept in it, it was worth it. I wear it from time to time, ’cause honestly, I actually like it. This time, I paired it with an ancient red 3/4 sleeved cardigan (from Forever21’s Heritage81 store, back when that existed) and a thrifted Banana Republic skirt. I added my Simply Vera Vera Wang Sport Chic Loafers from Kohl’s and my clear statement necklace (an oldie from Express).  Topped it off with a messy bun, and it was the perfect casual look for a Friday at work.


Here’s a close-up of the necklace. My boss actually stopped himself mid-sentence to tell me what a badass necklace he thought this was, haha, which was a pretty cool complement to get. It’s one of those pieces that I got years ago, and then it sat in my jewelry box because I didn’t quite know how to wear it. Turns out, it goes with pretty much anything! It’s been dressed up and dressed down, and it’s just a run piece to wear.


Here’s a look at these great loafers. I love the texture of them, like a woven leather. They’re a little dressier than standard slip-ons, but a little more casual than a smoking fat. A good addition to my wardrobe.


A Little Laugh

As I was going through photos, I noticed there was a set of shots that Trixie took it upon herself to photobomb.  Here she is in the background, rolling around in the grass like a total goofball. Such a shame too, because a couple of these shots were actually pretty cute (meanwhile, without the rest of my body and face in them, I realize they look rather… odd. Oh well!).


No doubt her happy face in this shot, which I grabbed of her after I took my pics, was because she knew she’d successfully goofed up my shots. But I’m not angry… I mean, with this face, how could you be?!



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