Random Outfits: June 26: Beer No Evil

While hubs and I were on our largely unplanned road trip, we happened upon a place in Traverse City, Michigan called Right Brain Brewery. We dig these kinds of unique local breweries, and it was, after looking at their menu, a place we decided was worth stopping at. And oh boy, was it! My random outfits look from June 26 features a t-shirt I got there after indulging on all kinds of neat beer (my favorite so far is Blue Magic, but we have a couple other bottles they were out of on tap that need to be cracked open yet) and wonderful food, and hubs and I both deciding that Right Brain Brewery was definitely worth another trip back to Traverse City for.

Beer No Evil

So I’ve gotta start out this post a little different by sharing a detail shot of the shirt itself. After all, it is the inspiration for this random outfits post title, for one, but two, it’s just awesome! I saw it hanging on the wall in sweatshirt form and immediately told my husband I wanted it, but as a tee. No doubt I did a little squeal of delight when our server told me they had this design in t-shirts too. I love the design and colors, and while I usually shy away from grey tees, this one was light enough for me to deal with. Here’s the Right Brain Brewery “Beer No Evil” tee, tucked under a great grey blazer, with my Stella and Dot Phoenix Pendant.


And here’s the whole look, which includes a pair of striped Rock & Republic for Kohl’s jeans and basic black smoking flats. Lots of texture going on here, with the subtle pin-striped jeans, the blazer (which was a recent Goodwill find, brand new with tags), and the leather/patent leather combo of my loafers.


The blazer was a great find. It was brand new with the tags still on it, and is originally from Talbots. Retail was over $200, but I paid less than $10 and got 20% off for my birthday. Can’t beat that! I didn’t have a grey blazer, after getting rid of a cheap Forever21 one a few closet sweeps ago, so this was a good addition. I liked the pattern of it, but the subtle purple striping in the tweed was what made me pick this up in the first place.


And here’s a look at my loafers, as well as the bottoms of my jeans. Notice the stripes on the bottom of the jeans are almost non-existent. It’s kind of an ombre stripe, which I love about them. Not so subtle that you miss it altogether, but not so obvious that you couldn’t pack this one pair of jeans for a trip and worry they wouldn’t work with multiple tops. And these loafers? I snagged them at a store in Davenport, Iowa last year. They were on sale, and I was on the fence about getting them initially, since they were so different from the black flats I’d last had. But they work really well for days when I just want to throw something on and go, but still look put together, and they’re remarkably comfortable. I also like the mixed leathers and the texture of them.


This outfit, like our visit to Right Brain Brewery, was both a success and worth revisiting!

If course, it’s really kind of my “uniform”… that go-to thing I know I’ll be comfortable in regardless of what I have going on. Jeans, a graphic tee, a blazer, and flats of some sort (or boots) are what I gravitate to. It’ll be fun to try this tee with other items in my closet though, and maybe get a little more daring with it.

Disclaimer: This post contains Stella and Dot links, which means if you click on them and buy, I might get a commission, as I’m a Stella and Dot rep. Also, Right Brain Brewery did not compensate me for this post, though they did make sure hubs and I were taken care of after some problems with our food order. It was much appreciated, but not the reason for calling them out in this post–the good beer and great food, plus the cool tee, were reason enough. Seriously, go there. 

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