Random Outifts: June 23: Mackinac Island Style

While I didn’t take any pics of random outfits on our road trip, I did take one the Monday afterwards, which featured a tank I got on the trip and, shockingly, a pair of white shorts. Finally, a summer outfit for summer!

Mackinac Island Style

This was one of those easy-but-comfortable outfits that makes me love summer weekends. I’d never wear this to work–between the tank and the shorts, I’d freeze in the office, but I also can’t wear shorts in general, so yea–but for a weekend afternoon of running around, this kind of look is perfect. Of course, this was a Monday, but I had the day off and spent it running errands and getting some post-vacation stuff taken care of. The white shorts were a sale find at Kohl’s (surprise, surprise, right? The same pair is still available in denim and a bleached denim color without the distressing or studs), and the top was from store on Mackinac Island. The bag was my grandma’s, the loafers are from Savers, and you’ll see what necklace I have on below.


Here’s the design on the tank. I love the colors and the distressing here. It reminds me of an old shirt my dad may have had, or at least something kinda late 70’s, early 80’s. It’s a top that was a little different for me, in a way, but I liked it quite a bit. Plus, it’s fun to have at least one souvenir from a trip, right?


Here’a great shot of my bag. This leather crossbody was my grandma’s purse, and I managed to rescue it from the donate pile after she passed away. I was the only one who saw the potential this bag had, for whatever silly reason, and it’s a great bag. The outside pockets, the size, the fact that it’s a crossbody (though Nani didn’t carry it that way, it was easy to move the buckle on the strap). This bag is vintage, and will definitely continue to be a wardrobe staple of mine for years to come. You can also see the studding detail on the shorts here.


A top-down shot of my pale-but-tan-looking-thanks-to-white-shorts legs and my loafers. From this angle, you can almost forget that in the first shot my legs practically blended in with the sidewalk. I kinda like this white shorts thing, and I’ve managed to wear them a couple times since June 23 without getting stuff all over them. Maybe I can make it the whole summer keeping them clean!


Before I ran out the door, I decided this outfit needed just a little something to add some sparkle to it. My monogram necklace from 9thandElm.com ended up being the perfect addition, adding just a little bit of something extra to an otherwise simple look. A perfect example of how versatile the monogram necklace really is.


I loved this look in all its simplicity.

Even though it wasn’t as “rockstar” as I typically dress, I felt so me in this look. I think it was just the ease of this outfit that made me feel so comfortable in it.

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