Random Outfits: June 18: Summer Sweater Weather

So on June 18, it was rather chilly. I left the house in cropped leggings, a lace top, and a sweater, figuring it’d be good for the office and I’d deal with being a little warm on lunch, but boy was I glad I decided to dress for the cooler office.  It was warm and humid in the morning, but this office-friendly random outfits look ended up being perfect for the day, inside and out.

Summer Sweater Weather

This first shot is kind of an out-take actually, but I couldn’t resist sharing it. I hadn’t realized thatwhen I brought the camera outside my lens fogged up.  I was playing around with jump shots and this one, with the fogged lens, came out kind of cool.


But here’s a better look at the whole outfit. I got the sweater on sale at Kohl’s, and loved the pastel tribal-inspired pattern. I figured it’d be a good summer sweater, but also a nice “brighten up winter” one. It was a good find, and certainly cheap enough because, well, Kohl’s. I wore it over a longer lace tank (also from Kohl’s, but a couple years old), which peeked out and added some nice texture and coverage. On the bottom I wore my Old Navy Compression Capris, which fast became my favorite spring/summer version of leggings. I h ave a few pairs that I wear for both yoga and regular wear, and it’s great to wear them on yoga days and save myself some changing time after work. I then added my thrifted loafers and my Stella & Dot Phoenix Pendant.


Here’s a closer look both at the sweater and the Phoenix Pendant (worn here longer). The peach and mint pattern on the cream sweater, along with the textured knit, were a nice addition to my closet. They’re colors I like, but don’t own much of. I haven’t worn this sweater since June 18, but it will be nice to wear again come fall.


Here’s a top-down look at the lace peeking out and my loafers. For a long time I tried to make loafers work for me. I had black penny loafers that I tried to love, but just never wore. I came across these at Savers and liked them immediately, so I bought them. They matched my grandma’s purse, which I think helped my willingness to wear them, but I also really liked the texture. Plus, they’re pretty darn comfortable, which always helps.


I really liked this outfit, despite it involving a sweater in the middle of summer.

Definitely more of a fall look, but that’s ok.  Spending my days in a cold office, outfits like this work out fairly well, since I’m not sitting and freezing. But being comfortable outside in a sweater like this was a little odd in June. Ah well, it’ll be a nice look for fall, and (like I said) a fun sweater to help brighten winter days too.

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