Random Outfits: June 12: Cobalt Blazer

For whatever reason, I decided I’d wear what one might consider a more “normal” office environment outfit. I paired a great cobalt blazer with a graphic tee, skinny black pants, and neutral wedges for this random outfits look. Maybe I felt that I had to start dressing more “mature” with 32 approaching? Ha, that’s funny! Anyway, here’s my random outfits look from June 12.

Cobalt Blazer

This outfit started with this great cobalt blazer that I found on sale at Kohl’s.  I started with this piece because I knew I wanted to wear it, but wanted to make sure the rest of my outfit worked with it, instead of it looking like I just tossed it on to stay warm in the office (which is the case sometimes). I love the way cobalt and black look together, so I tossed on a pair of black skinny pants (from GAP, but ancient). Then I dug threw my plethora of graphic tees to find my grey All Love is Equal shirt from Revenge Is, which ended up being the perfect piece to toss under the bright blue. I added my neutral wedges, a gold choker necklace, and my bronze chevron necklace from 9thandElm.com. I added a gold leather cuff and my Stella & Dot Christina Link bracelet after cuffing the sleeves of the blazer and deciding it needed just a little something else.  I finished it off with my glasses, my Coach bag, and a cute pair of long, dangly earrings from the LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohls (which I often wear one of, with a simple gold stud on the other side).


This is definitely one of those workplace outfits that, while being a little more conservative for me, shows that you can still dress “business casual” while expressing your own personal style. The only part of this look that might be questionable in some offices is the tee, but that’s easily remedied by adding a simple solid or basic patterned top.

Here’s a closer look at the shirt and my necklaces. This necklace combo was actually something I think I saw on Love Maegan (though I can’t seem to find the post she did it in–if I find it, I’ll add it right here), and I’m rather glad I saw it. I never really thought to layer this collar necklace with anything else, but something more dainty underneath gives it a whole other look that I really like. It’s definitely brought new life to this simple, yet statement-making piece.


 And here’s a look at these neutral wedges, which I hadn’t worn in quite awhile. They’re older Vera Wang from Kohl’s and I actually bought them about a 1/2 size smaller than I should have. But they’re comfortable if I just wear thinner socks with them, so that’s what I do. They were on super clearance when I found them, and the only pair left in any nearby store and online. So I got them anyway. The things we do for style, right? I know I’m not the only one who’s done something like this!


I actually really liked this look.

I tried a lot of new things out with this more conservative look, actually. The bracelets were a new thing for me at work (usually I don’t bother, because they bug me, but this combo worked ok), as was the layering of the collar necklace with something simpler. I don’t think I’d ever paired these shoes with skinny black pants before either. And of course, the new wardrobe addition, the cobalt blazer. It all worked, and I found some new ways to wear some things that’ve been in my closet for ages. Win, win!

Disclaimer: This outfit contains Stella & Dot links and affiliate links, which means I make make some money if you click them.