Random Outfits: June 8: More Casual, Sporty Chic

This outfit leaned way more towards casual sporty than anything, but that’s ok. I’d met up with fellow blogger Nski Beauty on a Sunday afternoon to hash out some ideas we’ve got (which really ended up us just drinking coffee and BSing about our dogs, our husbands, and life in general, but oh well). I wanted to be comfortable, but cute, so I threw on my vintage boy’s Scottie Pippen jersey with leggings, my dad’s old shirt, and sneakers. I quite liked this random outfits look.

More Casual, Sporty Chic

Gosh, I don’t think I even really bothered to put my normal amount of makeup on for our meeting on June 8th. Oh well… some days, you just have to be free of it, right? Anyway, with my mascara-only face, I threw on black leggings, which I rolled up at the ankles, a sports bra, and my Scottie Pippen jersey. As I mentioned in my Halfstack Magazine feature, this vintage Bulls jersey was found in the boy’s section at Goodwill. It was clearly well-loved, and I was totally ok with that (and with the 99-cent price tag). Because it was kind of chilly out, I topped it with an ancient shirt that I stole from my dad back in high school, and have worn periodically ever since. It’s light enough that I was able to sit outside in the sun and enjoy the cool breeze, without feeling like I was going to freeze my arms off, or overheat. I added a pile of necklaces, which you’ll get a close up of next, and my tribal sneakers. I threw my hair in a braid, and ended up feeling both like myself and rather put-together, despite wearing virtually no makeup.


This stack of necklaces is so easy to throw on and go, I just can’t get enough of it. I tend to fall into these kinds of “traps” though, especially with accessories. I find something that looks good together and is easy to wear over and over (in that it goes with a ton of stuff) and I wear it until I’m sick of it. In this case, it’s my Stella & Dot Phoenix Pendant necklace, my Stella & Dot Sutton necklace, along with an old triple chain necklace from Forever21. It’s a ton of texture and a little bit of sparkle, and it goes with everything. Even an old, peeling Bulls jersey and my dad’s shirt.


I didn’t bother shooting my shoes, since I just shot them a couple days before, and you’ve seen a few times already. In fact, I was kind of a rush to get these pics done, because hubs and I were heading somewhere (though I can’t recall anymore, where).

Overall, I liked this outfit quite a bit.

It was definitely a look that was more about function than anything. I wanted to be comfortable both temperature-wise, and comfortable sitting gabbing with a fellow blogger for a few hours, and this outfit was perfect for both of those things. And at the same time, I didn’t have to sacrifice my own personal style for that. Gotta love outfits like that!