The Retro Eyeworks Reveal: What Glasses I Chose and What I Think!

Awhile ago, I asked for your help choosing three pairs of glasses from Retro Eyeworks. When I posted my poll, I thought I’d made my mind up–I knew what three pairs I wanted, and thought, “eh, we’ll see what others think of these on me, but I dunno if I’ll actually listen”.  I was heart-set on the purple cateye Beverly frames, the clear Wilshire frames, and the matte finish navy Superflex. My fans, however, had different plans for me, and chose very different frames for me. And sometimes, how other people see you can really make you think.

Here are the three frames I chose from Retro Eyeworks.

I chose the Montana frame in pink, the matte finish navy Superflex second, and finally I chose the Pico in clear. Here’s a quick look at all three.


The Fan Favorite: Montana Pink

The overwhelming fan favorite was the Montana frame in pink. This was one that, initially, I really liked the shape of, but I wasn’t sold on the color. Unfortunately, the frame itself is only offered two other colors in addition to the pink, black and burgundy. Burgundy wasn’t for me, and I already had a pair of black glasses, so I wrote this off as a pair I’d watch for in other colors. But everyone else loved this frame in this color on me, so, I decided to go for it! Here they are…


I actually really like how these glasses look on me! It’s nice to have a fun pair of glasses that’s a little more playful, but still complements my skin, hair, and eye color nicely. So thanks for voting for this one and “talking” me into getting it!

My Favorite: Superflex Navy

If the Montana frames came in this color and finish, it would have been an easy decision. Initially, I felt like these were too big on me, but I just couldn’t get over the great semi-transparent navy color and the totally unique matte finish. In over 25 years of wearing glasses, I’d never owned a pair with this kind of finish. I had to order them… to me, they felt like an easy pair to throw on with anything. Kind of like a favorite pair of broken-in jeans. Here they are, in all their oversized glory…


Since getting the three pairs of glasses, I think these are definitely my favorites. They really are like a pair of favorite jeans… they go with everything. I did feel a little Laney Boggs in them for a bit, but there’s nothing wrong with that, right? Right! I’m glad I chose these for sure!

The Anomaly: Pico Clear

I’d been wanting a pair of clear frames for ages, so I was pretty excited to see how many options Retro Eyeworks had. Something about the way the Wilshire frames fit me though, felt a little off. And sure enough, in the poll results, that frame was a little on the lower end of the spectrum. The Pico in brown, however, was higher. I liked the look of the Pico frames, but felt like the brown looked a little too close to the black frames I already had. And I still really wanted clear frames. The clear choice? The Pico, in clear!

Overall, I really like these! I’m glad I chose to go with the Pico frame instead of the Wilshire, since I feel like it’s a better fit for my face. It did take a bit used to seeing reflections in my frames… I may or may not have had a few “OMG what’s that” peripheral vision spazz outs before I got used to that. But in the end, a good choice!

My overall thoughts on Retro Eyeworks.

For real, if you have glasses, you’ve got to order from Retro Eyeworks! Three pairs for $99 (plus $40 if you’re blind like me, and an extra $10 for anti-glare and anti-scratch coating) is one helluva deal, and I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t considering investing in three pairs of prescription sunglasses (tint is an additional $20 total for all three pairs, still an absolute steal!).  My prescription is spot on in all three frames and I can see perfectly in all cases–reading, driving, and using the computer. For me, the fit on all three is pretty good too, and all three frames are comfortable to wear for a full day in the office. I love having options on the mornings I don’t feel like wearing contacts, and can’t wait to see what other frames and colors Retro Eyeworks is going to add to their lineup!  I will be, uh, keeping an eye on them!

Disclaimer: Retro Eyeworks compensated me with three pairs of glasses in exchange for this post. Compensation, however, has no effect on my opinion, and I only recommend products/services that I use and stand behind. To read my full disclosure policy, go here.

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