Random Outfits: June 4: A Little Grunge… Boyfriend Jeans & High Heels

Back with another Random Outfits post, and this time, I did something I’ve always said I would never do: I pulled something from my “donate” pile and moved it back to my closet.  When I was going through my stuff with a friend, I spied these jeans, and the week prior I’d been lamenting my getting rid of them and considering thrifting a replacement pair. My giveaway pile is pretty big right now (those attending the upcoming clothing swap, get excited!) and I honestly hadn’t thought to look for them there. But I’m glad I did, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to rock this great look!

A Little Grunge… Boyfriend Jeans & High Heels

This was one of those looks that just kind of pulled itself together.  It started with the boyfriend jeans, and as I was getting ready, I just pulled stuff together–something quite a few people say I have a knack for. I knew I needed heels with the jeans, since the looser fit and cropped length tend to widen and shorten me, and my black and white heels were my first go-to option. Since I had black and white on my feet, I figured my black and white H&M (thrifted) flannel would work nicely.  Underneath it, I added my fun Princess by Vera Wang long sleeved tee, which I cuffed over the cropped sleeves of the flannel.  I finished off the look with my Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant (which you can now get in rose gold!), my normal everyday rings, and my Benjamin Black Goldsmiths Fingernail Ring (now just $99!). I braided my hair and added simple studs to finish the look.


Here’s a closeup of the fun Princess Vera Wang top (from Kohl’s) and the Rebel Pendant Normally, I don’t put necklaces with this top, or if I do, it’s shorter ones that don’t interfere with the faux necklace thing going on along the neckline. But after taking off the gems that were sewn on, I think a simple long necklace like the Rebel actually works really well. I’ll likely do it again.

Here’s a closer look at all of my rings. Admittedly, I don’t wear my Fingernail Ring as often as I’d like, but I’m a little afraid of losing it. I’ve managed to lose a couple of midi rings (sad), so pieces like this that are special I’ve reserved, for now, to wearing them when I know I’ll be conscious of them. At work, I’m definitely conscious of this piece, haha. It’s actually not that bad to wear while on the computer, which is kind of surprising.


And of course, these shoes. By now, you’ve seen them at almost every angle possible, so here they are from the top, with my unevenly cuffed boyfriend jeans. I can’t get enough of these shoes, but I do wish the heels were maybe 1/2″ shorter, just so that I could stand being in them a little longer. A full day is tough. Definitely eating my “oh I’ll never have trouble wearing heels” comments. Guess I’m getting old!


This outfit was a success!  I tried something new, with the necklace and the top, and also gave new life to a pair of jeans I was planning on getting rid of. Plus, I loved how it all looked together! Win, win, win!

Have you ever had second thoughts about giving something away?

Were you lucky enough to be able to pull a piece from your donate pile, or were you stuck missing the piece after it was donated? Tell me in the comments below!

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