Forward Helix, Times Three

WARNING: This post is a little graphic.  If you have an aversion to needles, blood, or piercings, you may not want to read this, and definitely don’t view the large images.

So a couple months ago, I was killing time on Pinterest and stumbled across this neat triple ear piercing (linky).  I had no idea what it was called… all I knew was that I liked it.  So I repinned.  Later, I came back to it, and when found myself doing it quite often, I decided that I wanted it.  So, I contacted Heather le Stabbity, who I know from one of the modeling sites, and sent her a barrage of questions, which she answered for me wonderfully.  Long story short, I decided to make the drive out to Lasting Impressions in Ames, Iowa where Heather works, and have her work her magic on me.  Not only had I spoken to Heather before, but I’d seen her posts about piercings numerous times and knew she really knew her stuff.  I also know quite a few people who’ve had work done by her, and they all swear she’s the best.  I decided to head out to Ames this past weekend, and broke up the 6-hour drive by spending a couple days in Davenport with my friend Laura (who also ended up getting pierced).

Anyway, Heather did a great job explaining what the tools were and how to work my new jewelry (this was my first piercing since I got my earlobes done at 5), and then sat me in her chair and started poking holes in me, walking me thru the steps and telling me when to breathe (which helps lessen the pain).  It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would be (probably because I psyched myself up for it), and before I knew it, she was done making the holes and putting the jewelry in.  I have no idea how long it actually took, but it was over pretty fast.  I didn’t cry, didn’t scream or get hysterical about things, didn’t pass out, and was even able to have a conversation during most of the work.  I treated myself to a cupcake later that night, for being so good.

What’s this have to do with fashion or style?  Well, going thru with a body mod is a pretty serious thing, and it ultimately impacts you style regardless of whether it’s a simple ear piercing or a super complex tattoo.  In my late 20’s, this isn’t really a typical thing, so it’s a pretty big change for me.   Is it going to affect how people view me?  Possibly.  How one dresses and styles themselves also affects that.  Will I have to make any changes to my style because of this piercing?  I’m not sure… I suppose we’ll find out as time goes on.  So, while not really a conventional “fashion” thing, a piercing is most definitely a style element, and may prove to be a challenge.  We shall see.

As promised, here are pics.  The first shot is the “in progress” shot, showing the needles in my ear.   The second is right after everything was done, so it’s a little, uh, messy.  The third shot is after we got home and I cleaned it up a little bit.  And the fourth shot is the next morning after my shower.  You can click all of these pics to view them larger if you want.  Again, don’t look at these full size if you’re not a fan of needles, blood, or piercings.  Kthanks.  


They look kind of lopsided and misaligned because the backs of the jewelry are all so long, but Heather did that so as not to cause more pain with any swelling I have.  I promise the holes are aligned and they’ll soon all sit flush and be prettier!  I have shorter backs, which I can get put in by a piercer in a few weeks if I really want.  But, if I want to wait to switch things out, I have about 4-6 weeks of healing time before I can do any switching myself.  Until then, I have some pretty strict cleaning regimens to follow to make sure everything heals properly.  I’ll post pictures as it progresses I’m sure.

And, in case you’re wondering, this type of piercing is called a “forward helix” and I have three of them.  Hence the name of this post 😉

Big huge thanks again to Heather le Stabbity for doing what she does best, Lasting Impressions in Ames, IA for providing an awesome, clean environment to get stabbed in, and Laura for making the drive with me (and not pansying out on her two totally awesome microdermals).

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