Random Outfits: June 5: Ninja Style Jumpsuit

Every time I wear this jumpsuit two things happen. First, my husband makes a ninja reference. Second, I remember how much of a pain it is to pee while wearing a jumpsuit. However, neither deter me enough from wearing this lovely piece. It’s super flattering, easy to wear, and always looks great. In fact, I’ve duplicated this random outfit a couple times since taking these shots on June 5.

Ninja Style Jumpsuit

I wish I could tell you where I got this jumpsuit. But I can’t. I’ve had it for at least 7 years, and, while it certainly doesn’t show the age, it is one of those pieces that sometimes just sits in my closet during a wearable season. It’s a classic piece that will last for another 7 years, no doubt, but even then, sometimes, it’s just not in style. And that’s ok.

When I wore it back at the beginning of June, I added a cream lace-cami type bra.  The one I have is Natori and was a fantastic clearance find at TJ Maxx. Normally, I don’t particularly care about showing off my breastbone (I don’t get cleavage), but the looseness of the top of this jumpsuit make this kind of bra essential at times if I don’t want to accidentally flash a “normal” bra at my cowokers.  I added a pile of necklaces, including my Phoenix pendant and a pair of super cute black and white pony hair flats from the Banana Republic outlet. To finish it all off, I piled on some necklaces (big surprise, right?). Here’s the whole look…


Here’s a peek at my super cute pony hair flats.  I’m still working on incorporating them into my wardrobe, but I love the way they look! They were practically a steal at around $20 too, which is awesome. I love the Banana Republic outlet, even though I don’t usually have much success there, because they periodically have 50% off everything sales, which includes clearance. That’s how I got such a great deal on these flats! Always worth going in and looking during one of those days, that’s for sure.


This is my pile of necklaces. It includes not one, but two great Stella & Dot pieces, the Phoenix Pendant and the Sutton Necklace, along with a triple chain necklace that’s quite a few years old from Forever21.  They all layered up really nicely though!


I’ve worn a variation of this look quite a few times since June 5. It’s just so easy and effortless, but still looks chic and wonderfully put together.  This jumpsuit is definitely one piece that I’ll be hanging onto until I wear holes in it!

Do you have a piece of clothing like this jumpsuit–one that’s comfortable and versatile, and just never really seems to leave your closet, even if it’s not on trend?

Disclaimer: This post contains Stella & Dot links, and I’m a Stella & Dot rep, so if you purchase anything, I may make commission on the sale.