Random Outfits: May 25: A Little Adventure

On May 25th hubs and I enjoyed breakfast together and then decided to check out this pier-looking thing we’d seen driving along Michigan’s Red Arrow Highway. This particular random outfits look ended up being pretty perfect for the little side-trip, with high-waisted jean shorts, a sheer black top, and tribal print sneakers all being perfect for the weather and the adventure. Because sometimes, even when you least expect it, it’s fun to go on…

A Little Adventure

This was one of those outfits that I planned in my head, and ended up completely re-working when I tried it on.  It started with the sheer black top (a fun find at the Hot Topic Outlet at the Michigan City Outlet Mall and the cropped top (from Forever21), but on the bottom I started with a jean skirt and heels. It just… didn’t work, so I swapped the skirt for these railroad striped shorts (originally a pair of thrifted jeans, which you can see here on Nov 9, after I pegged them) and added my tribal print sneakers (also from Forever21 and sold out, but similar here and here).  Changing those two things up made this work so much better!  I finished the look off by added a fringed crossbody that I got last year from Target (and is unfortunately no longer available).  I accessorized with two Stella & Dot necklaces, the Phoenix Pendant and the Somervell necklace, my Forever21 heart sunglasses, and a braid.


I totally dug this look, and it was great for going from breakfast to walking the path out onto this raised platform over a river (called the Marsh Tower, apparently).  This was the view from the platform.  I know, not style related at all, but it was such a beautiful picture I couldn’t not share it.


Back to the outfit. Here’s a closer look at my accessories, in which you’ll also see my one ring stack.  I love these two necklaces, and think they layer up pretty awesomely… though for whatever reason, my braid kept getting snagged on my Somervell, which is why it’s crooked in the picture below.  I also couldn’t resist a quick snap of one of the signs at the park too.  Hubs and I walked around quite a bit, and think they’re going to be adding on a little more as well. We haven’t been back yet, but will likely check it out again soon.


Oh, and this shirt? It’s not a plain black sheer shirt. I mean, it would be cool if that was it, but it wouldn’t be nearly as cool. It’s extra cool because on the back is a lace spine and rib cage. Gotta love detail like this!


And this is the kind of stuff that happens when my husband helps me take outfit pictures.  My plan in this shot was to get my accessories in the picture, and hubs tells me to hold on.  Then he sticks my neoprene camera case on my head and steps back. I took a picture laughing, figuring I’d aimed the camera low enough, but not only did I not do that, but I managed to snag a shot that makes my husband look like some weirdo gnome or something behind me. We’re so strange, haha!


And well, there you have it.  An outfit I loved and a couple snapshots of a new place to visit that hubs and I found, as well as the two of us being weird.  In terms of the outfit, I totally dug this look! I don’t wear this shorts too often because my husband says anything high-waisted gives me “80’s mom butt”, but covering them with a sheer shirt like this worked really well.  I also liked the crop top and the little sliver of midriff it allowed me to semi-show.

Are you the type to head on a spontaneous adventure?

If so, what’s the coolest place you’ve found?  If not, how come?

Disclaimer: There are Stella & Dot links in this post, which means that I may receive commission on any sales made through them, as I’m a Stella & Dot Stylist.

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