Random Outfits: May 12: Spotted… Cobalt!

On May 12th, the nice weather continued, so I opted to wear a skirt to work, with sandals.  I’m always cold, so sandals at work is a rare occurrence, but it was just so darn nice out that I couldn’t resist.  And I really liked the way these flatforms looked with my Phillip Lim for Target skirt.  The last random outfits post I did with this skirt, I paired it with just black, but this time, I pulled in the cobalt, letting it peek out from a black cardigan.

Spotted… Cobalt!

I love the flowiness of this Phillip Lim skirt, but sometimes struggle with wearing it because of the colors.  I knew it would be a challenge when I bought it, but I couldn’t get over the feel of the skirt.  Plus, not having anything like it in my closet really helped sway me towards buying it.  The last thing I need is more black, even if it’s a silhouette I already own.  And yet, both times I’ve posted this skirt, it’s been paired with black… maybe that’s just proof that I wear a lot of black.  Anyway, I opted for the black cardigan in this case for two reasons.  One, I knew my arms would freeze if I just wore the sleeveless top, and two, I’m not huge on wearing sleeveless tops at the office.  I know some people are ok with it (and I have coworkers who do wear sleeveless tops), but for some reason, it just bugs me a bit.  So, cardigan it is.

Random Outfits: May 12: Spotted... Cobalt!

These flatform sandals are my aching feet’s solution to wedges.  I got them last year with birthday giftcards from DSW, and wore them a few times over the summer.  They fit my feet really well and give me a couple added inches, but don’t result in ooching-and-ouching after I take them off (or require multiple Aleve doses during wear).  Combined with my bare legs, they really helped keep this outfit more spring-based instead of fall, which it easily could have been with a different pair of shoes.  Proof, perhaps, that the shoes really do make the outfit.

Random Outfits: May 12: Spotted... Cobalt!

And of course, my necklaces.  I wanted to add a little edge to this look, so I wore my Sahara Pendant with my anatomical heart pendant (can’t find this one online, sorry!) and the vintage choker I have.  A good mix of metals, textures, and just enough edge to satisfy my inner rockstar.

Random Outfits: May 12: Spotted... Cobalt!

I liked this look, but unfortunately I probably won’t be wearing it to the office again until fall.  We’re at the point where the AC is fully kicked in, on 24 hours a day, and wearing sandals to work just results in the to-the-bone-hurty pain I get when I’m too cold.  Boo!  Maybe I need to get a Snuggie for work…

Flatforms… what’s your take?

I know a lot of people are anti-flatform, and I can kind of understand.  There are a lot of ugly flatforms out there.  In fact, until I found this pair, I was anti them as well.  But these changed my mind… a little.  A flatform with a slightly higher wedge on the heel (as opposed to a completely flat platform all around) can actually be kind of cute, I think. What say you?

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  1. July 1, 2014 at 9:28 AM

    Flatforms are cute. I’m wearing a pair today!

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