Random Outfits: May 14: Mother of Dragons, It’s Cold Out Again!

They say if you don’t like the weather in Chicago you should just stick around for a few hours, but May was getting out of hand!  After wearing a skirt with sandals and having highs in the mid-80’s just a couple days before, May 14 brought us a high in the low 50’s! What gives, Mother Nature? Oh well… I opted to get a little sporty-chic again, but in a slightly different way than the times before.  This time around, I broke out my Balenciaga knock-offs and wore them for the first time in months.  With winter being what it was, they were impossible to wear, so it was nice to dust them off (literally) and break ’em out for this spring random outfits look.

Mother of Dragons, It’s Cold Out Again!

While this look was pretty casual for a weekday, I didn’t really care.  Actually, I was so pleased with this look I could barely wait to share this random outfits post with you (but I had to stay in order, otherwise that’d be weird).  So, I started this look off with my yoga pants, which are the Old Navy Compression Capris.  I have quite a few pairs of these, and have recently discovered they’re great for both yoga and just regular wear.  I have a few other pairs of similar pants, but none fit me as nice or are as comfortable as these (and by far none stay in place during yoga as well as these either).  I topped my yoga capris with this long hooded thermal tee, printed with a dragon, and then added a denim vest and, a pair of black ankle socks, and my Balenciaga knock offs.  For a little sparkle I added my Phoenix Pendant, and then I did piggy braids because, why not?

Random Outfits: May 14: Mother of Dragons, It's Cold Out Again!

 For the life of me, I can’t recall how old this red shirt is, or why I even got it.  I don’t wear it all that often, but I love the way it fits and how it feels on.  The design is pretty cool too, with some brown, white, and metallic gold on it.  It’s also a little distressed, with some raw edges, which I love.  I also really liked how the Phoenix Pendant looked on this top, with the denim vest and all. My nails were still turquoise, but I liked the major contrast it lended to the look.

Random Outfits: May 14: Mother of Dragons, It's Cold Out Again!

Random Outfits: May 14: Mother of Dragons, It's Cold Out Again!

 And these boots… oh how I’d forgotten how great they are.  They were lovely for fall, and, it turns out, pretty ok to wear in spring too.  I’m thinking I might even give them a try this summer if it stays cool like it’s been (but the forecasts say it’s going to warm up).  I am so glad I got the burgundy ones instead of plain black, since it makes them that much more different from everything else that’s in my closet.

Random Outfits: May 14: Mother of Dragons, It's Cold Out Again!

 Like I said, I really liked this look.  It was a little casual for work, but no one really cares there (a blessing and a curse all at the same time).  It was nice and comfortable, and still felt a little springy despite the cool weather.  And it was a nice nod to both my rockstar style and the sporty-chic look I’ve been digging lately.  So it was a win all around.

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