Random Outfits: May 26: Made in USA

I figured I’d close out Memorial Day with a bit of patriotism mixed with some sporty elements and some rocker-chic elements, and this is what I got.  A random outfits look that just… worked, bike shorts and all.  It was perfect for spending the day doing a whole lot of nothing, followed by an evening drive home.  It was a perfect summer day for this kind of look, and I really liked the way this one came together.

Made in USA

It started with this Made in USA shirt that I got last year at Forever21.  It’s either a large or an extra large, but for this kind of thing especially, size doesn’t really matter.   I just throw a cute bra underneath and go!  For this outfit, I opted to go with a cute mint lace bralette from Forever21 (exact here, but similar here and a cute non-sheer one here).  On the bottom, I just wanted to be comfortable, so I tossed on a pair of thrifted bike shorts that I got a couple years ago.  They were my warm weather answer to leggings, and they worked out nicely, I think.  I added my tribal sneakers, an arm party, and some fun necklaces.  And just because I wanted to do something different with my hair, I put it in low pigtails and scrunched it while I dried it.  Then I added some Push Powder and hair spray, resulting in big piggies that made the look a little more rockstar.


Here’s a shot of the bralette peeking out of the oversized arm holes on this top.  I love the lighter look of the mint lace peeking out (as opposed to the typical black satin bralette I wear under it).  It softens it a little bit.  


And here’s a closer look at all of my baubles.  I wore my anatomical heart necklace with my Stella & Dot Sahara Pendant.  Usually I do three necklaces, because an odd number is typically more visually appealing.  But with the arm party and the graphic tee, I opted to just stick with two pieces.  In my arm party, buried among some cheap wood stretch bracelets that were, once upon a time, reserved for pirate costumes only, you’ll find my Renegade, my Christina, and my Amelie (all from Stella & Dot) bracelets.  You also get a nice look at my Stella & Dot Eternal Band Ring, which I love!


And here’s a closer look at my tribal shoes.  While I used to not wear sneakers all that much, for some reason they’re growing on me lately.  This particular pair ended up in my shopping cart because of the texture, the colors, and the interesting mix of casual and rockstar.  I’m a big fan of them!  Uh, pardon the lines on my leg… I’d been sitting curled up on my parents’ couch prior to taking these shots, evidently.  Oops!


I rather liked this outfit, though I’m still a little torn on the bike shorts thing.  I recall some neon spandex from my childhood that’s just… jolting to think about, and I’m not sure if, at 30, bike shorts are appropriate anywhere outside of the gym.  However, all my bits were covered, so I feel like it was ok here.  Not sure I’d wear them with a crop top or anything like that… and I do really appreciate them for under skirts and dresses, especially in the summer.  Just say “no” to chub rub!

Disclaimer: There are Stella & Dot links in this post, which means that I may receive commission on any sales made through them, as I’m a Stella & Dot Stylist.