Random Outfits: May 31: The Dress Almost Left Behind

As you likely know, I do quite a bit of thrifting, and every thrifter will tell you about “the one that got away”. Sometimes, it’s many things, other times, it’s just one magical piece they deeply regret not buying. But we all have at least one of this. This dress was almost one of them, because it is what I like to call…

The Dress Almost Left Behind

Had this dress been returned to the racks of Savers, I likely would be regretting it like it’s nobody’s business!  Thankfully, that’s not the case.  But I did go back and forth on it for a few minutes.  It’s a dress that just isn’t my style–it certainly doesn’t fit the rockstar style profile I created for myself.  And yet, I was drawn to it and decided to buy it.  Part of me loved the challenge it presented, and the other part of me just loved the comfort and the 90’s vibe.  In the end, I’m glad I accepted the challenge this dress could easily have been for me, as it’s proven to be so much easier to work with than I thought.

Case in point, adding Chucks, black bike shorts, and my Phoenix Pendant made this dress work for me so well, I wanted to just wear this outfit over and over and over.  I wore this random outfits look to run errands the day before hosting close to 40 people for my mom’s birthday.  It was comfortable, fun, easy, and just… worked.


This is, quite possibly, one of my favorite photos my husband has ever taken of me.

Here’s a shot showing the bike shorts.  Usually, I’m not big on my shorts peeking out from under my skirt, but in this case it just works.  It adds even more of a 90’s flare to the dress, and I totally dig it.


My husband was complaining, while he was shooting, that I was too blown out, and that the details of the dress were getting lost.  But I loved the backdrop, so I told him to just keep at it, figuring I’d get a detail shot of my necklace that showed the dress details off a little more.  And so I did.


Being that we were outside setting things up for the party, we let Trixie run around the yard for a little.  I couldn’t resist getting a shot of her with my Chucks, because she’s just so darn cute (and she’s gotten all of her fur back, which is great).


I loved this look, and I’ve actually worn it since, with black flip flops instead of Chucks. But this outfit as it is here, is 100% perfection! I will be sad when it’s fall and I have to figure out another way to wear this dress, because this look is so effortless, easy, and comfortable, I could live in it this summer.

Do you have an outfit like this?

One you just can’t get enough of?  What is it?  Or do you wish you had an outfit like this? Let me know in the comments below!

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