A wardrobe for your face? With RetroEyeworks, it’s possible and affordable!

Quick note: I’ve partnered with RetroEyeworks to write this post. They have generously sent me 6 pairs of try-on glasses for $9.95 shipping, and have agreed to send me 3 pairs of complete glasses as compensation for this post and a follow-up review post. 

I’ve been looking at growing my glasses collection for some time now, and have struggled recently with doing so, for a couple reasons. I have a pair of glasses that I love, and wear regularly, but they don’t always suit the look I’m going for. I have a couple older pairs of glasses, but they’re pretty out of style, and the prescription’s a little off, so wearing them doesn’t always work out for me.  I’ve tried to add two other pairs of glasses to my collection, but they both fell flat for me, largely because I couldn’t try them on before ordering them online. See, I kind of have to order online at this point, because eyeglass brick-and-mortar stores are just too expensive for me. My prescription is terrible, and the last pair of glasses I got in a traditional glasses store cost over $800, with only $150 of that being frames. Online, I can get a complete pair of glasses for under $200 (before coupons).  It’s just that trying them on thing that really messes things up…

Well, in my quest to expand the “jewelry” for my face, I stumbled across RetroEyeworks.

I don’t recall what I searched to find their site, but there it was, staring at me, “Buy 3 frames for $99“.  I couldn’t believe it, and then couldn’t believe it more when I saw that I could choose three frames to try on at home, to the tune of $9.95 shipping, before ordering!  It’s like they heard my frustrated grumblings and answered my four-eyed prayers.  The folks at RetroEyeworks believe that your glasses should not only how you see the world, but that glasses can be how the world sees you… and since you don’t wear the same clothing every day, you shouldn’t wear the same glasses every day!  By making their glasses affordable, you can own multiple pairs to better express your style, your mood, or suit the occasion for which you’re dressing.

On top of this, RetroEyeworks has engineered their frames (right here in the USA, mind you) to be durable, yet lightweight.  The frames you get won’t be so fragile that you feel like you have to give them the same white-glove treatment you’d give an antique crystal vase passed down in your family from generation to generation, but they also won’t feel like the heavy, clunky safety goggles from high school biology class.  In fact, RetroEyeworks jokes that “you can toss these frames around the room with no problem” and backs that up with a lifetime warranty on all of their frames.  Since they engineer their eyeglasses out of high tech polymide plastic, they are confident that your frames will keep up with your lifestyle, but if they don’t, they’ll send you a prepaid envelope to send your frames back and replace them for a meager $25 handling fee.  For the lifetime of your frames!  Considering what a new pair of glasses would run you anywhere else, this is a staggering good deal!

Before I get to the fun part, I’d just like to reiterate that RetroEyeworks is based in the USA.  In Los Angeles, California, to be exact, and that’s where they design and make all of their frames.  So when you order from RetroEyeworks, you’re getting a pair of US-made glasses, with a great warranty, for an awesome price!

And now, the fun part… help me choose my three frames!

That’s right, dear reader, I’m turning to you to help me decide what glasses to get!  Because I’ll be getting three pairs, you can vote for your favorite three.  In about a week, I’ll tally up the votes, add in my own thoughts and my husband’s two cents, and let the folks at RetroEyeworks know what I’ve decided.  Here are the six frames I’m considering:

Hel pme choose 3 frames from RetroEyeworks!

The six pairs of eyeglasses I’ve chosen to try on are: 1. Wilshire Clear, 2. Pico Brown, 3. Beverly Purple, 4. Superflex Navy, 5. Palm Dark Grey, 6. Montana Pink.  The Wilshire Clear frames have black temples, and the Superflex Navy pair is actually a matte finish.  Most of these pairs are also available in other colors, but I wanted to look at a variety of shapes and styles too.  I won’t say anything else about them other than they’re all really light weight, they all came in great soft microfiber cases that double as a cleaning cloth, and they’re all really comfortable.  Here they all are on my face… with standard “dummy” lenses in them, so please excuse the glare.

Help me choose 3 frames from RetroEyeworks!

I have thoughts on which ones I like, but since lately, my thoughts on glasses seem to be off, I figured I’d let you help me choose which ones to get.  So cast your vote for your top three choices below.

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Thanks for voting!

Check back in a couple weeks to see what three pairs I ended up with, and a follow-up post on the overall look and feel of my new glasses from RetroEyeworks! In the meantime, if you’re in the market for new glasses, or just want to add some spunk to your existing collection of glasses, head on over to www.retroeyeworks.com and see what they have, and maybe do their try-on program (remember, it’s just $9.95 shipping to get three frames to try on, and you can keep the frames they send you).

If you want to order three pairs of glasses for $99 from RetroEyeworks, I’ve got an exclusive deal for you right here! The folks at RetroEyeworks are giving Suburban Style Challenge fans $10 off their order with the code SUBURBAN, so if you want to order, you’ll get three pairs for just $89!

Disclaimer: As a reminder, RetroEyeworks is compensating me for this post and a second, follow-up review post, with free eyewear. But compensation never influences my opinions, and I only recommend companies and products that I use myself. 

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